Hope Remains

In the face of life’s obstacles, a story that brings hope can come in many shapes and sizes. Perhaps it is the story of a person who triumphed over insurmountable odds to reach their dreams. Or maybe it is the journey of a community that united to tackle a shared hardship. It could be a modest account of persistence and fortitude in the midst of life’s trials.

Welcome to today’s post. Studying hope as a PLP 12 class has brought me so many ideas and I am excited to share with you my thoughts.

Survival, resilience, and adversity are components found in all stories of hope, regardless of how intricate they are.

Connecting our past years of learning has been fascinating while studying this topic in PLP. Reflecting on the stories from grade eight to twelve that we’ve explored during our time in PLP, we’ve been diving into tales of hope right from the get-go.

Each of these stories held a common thread of hope, whether it was studying World War Two, learning about the fight against apartheid, or reading Anne Frank’s diary. People faced unimaginable hardships, but they never gave up. Their determination to make a positive change in the world remained steadfast and their stories will serve as a hope-filled beacon for generations to come.

Black and white retro image of Lancaster bombers from Battle of Britain in World War Two

Hope isn’t only found in the stories of well-known individuals. In fact, it’s the everyday people making outstanding efforts to create change that inspire us most. Whether it’s an individual lending their time and energy to a nearby food bank or a team of students putting together a charitable fundraiser, these actions have a great impact. These examples matter. They serve to remind us that hope can be discovered anywhere and that every individual holds the ability to make a meaningful difference.

Ultimately, a story of hope is one that reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and inspires us to make a change. It shows us that even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, there is always a path forward. Such stories are powerful reminders of our own inherent qualities of perseverance, determination, and courage, which can help us to overcome even the most daunting of challenges. In the tales of both heroism and benevolence, it is crucial that we seek out optimism. It is within these stories that we gain the fortitude and motivation required to persevere through the bleakest of moments, whether studying the hardships of a figure from the past or watching the kindness of those within our own society.

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