Organizations to Support

If you have the time or the resources and want to support groups that are doing great things for women, I highly recommend checking out some of the ones listed down below.

Cycling BC is an organization that governs all of the cycling disciplines within the province. My personal favourite initiative Cycling BC runs is iRide. iRide’s focus is to get more kids on bikes. They provide opportunities for children to learn the joys of cycling in a safe and fun environment.

Girls on the Run is another program in the United States that helps encourage teenage women to get out and be active. Participants rave about how wonderful the program and the community is.

The Boulanger Initiative advocates for women and people who have faced gender based discrimination within the music industry. Women have long felt the challenges of being female in all parts of music. The Boulanger Initiative aims to challenge the status quo by providing many ways to uplift female musicians.

DEVO is a cycling club in BC that I’ve had experience in as an athlete. They provide great resources for developing athletes and the proof of athletic excellence is in the results DEVO athletes continually turn out. DEVO coaches have a huge positive impact on participants and encourage athletes to have fun doing what they love.

Cycling Canada is a the national body for all disciplines of Canadian cycling. This organization sends Canadas top athletes to the Olympics but also focuses on developing community programs.