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Essay (for linking in post)

Marriages Role in Gender Inequality  By Jamie Ball       Marriage is practiced in the majority of societies around the world and is uniquely influenced by the culture and ideals of the country in which it is celebrated. Marriage… Continue Reading →

Shrew You, final post

This was one of the toughest five weeks I ever had with PLP. Our project, one women’s rights throughout history and The Taming of the Shrew has been extremely draining for me. There has been a lot of writing throughout… Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection 4

As our project comes near it’s end we have begun to begin work for our final piece of work which will be an essay about everything we have learned so far. But that’s for week five so instead in this… Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection 1/2

It’s kind of hard to believe that it has been 5 weeks since I entered into Grade 12, not only my final year of High School but also my final year of PLP. Awaiting me at this halfway point is… Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection 3

This third week in our Shrew You project we have focused highly on the historical and socials part of the project as we look at the history of women’s rights and equality in our society.  We started with a little… Continue Reading →

Digital enhancement

This post is the digital enhancement for the Quarries Lodge stop. Many things can impact a community and shape how it forms. People, locations and events can influence the way a town or community is shaped and when it comes… Continue Reading →

Macbeth Movie

What does the cold war and a Shakespear play have in common? While this sounds like a really obscure question it’s part of what we set out to learn about in our recent project on Macbeth and the 1950s.  I’ve… Continue Reading →

PGP aritfact

Our final PGP project of the year is to make a artifact that displays our understanding of the core ideas of James Clears, Atomic Habits. I liked the open ended style of this project and it gave me a lot… Continue Reading →

Think and create

Racism is one of the most controversial topics in recent history. It has plagued all of the world for centuries and continues to do so today. One thing that I never really comprehended was the scale of racism in America… Continue Reading →

TPOL 2020

This has definitely been an interesting year and another step forward in terms of my work which I will present today.  It really doesn’t seem like it’s been a whole year especially with the last few months all done through… Continue Reading →

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