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“I would rather die of passion than of boredom”

Mmmm Yes Colonization

Aaand we’re back at the blog. With the end of this school quarter, comes the end of our latest project, which always leads to a blog post. So here goes! What Did European Settlement Mean For All People Involved? That was the Driving Question for our latest project, The More Things Change. This project, as…

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Blogging Challenge: Last Day!!

Hey! Welcome back to the blogging challenge. Today is the final day, and what I’m doing is an audit of my previous posts and a plan for my future blogging, how I will keep my blog active. Hope you enjoy my final SBC post! Risk: I think a risk I took while creating this post, the…

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Destination Imagination

Hi and welcome back to my blog, today I’m going to talk about something that consumed about 70% of my time, thoughts and worries before spring, Destination Imagination, or DI for short. What is DI? DI is a global tournament where teams of kids and teenagers compete in different categories, including fine arts, engineering, scientific…

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Argh Matey, fly the Jolly Roger, etc. 🏴‍☠️

Back at it again with, another blog post! surprise surprise! (Crazy am I right?). Today I’m talking about our last project, Argh Matey. Though, the title is very pirate-ey, the actual project was more focused on the age of exploration.  Evidence of my learning To kick off this project, we watched the movie ‘Captain Phillips’,…

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Growth Mindset

Welcome back to my blog, today I’ve got a post all about something we’ve been learning a LOT about, growth mindset. Though this has become something of a joke in our classroom, the idea is definitely not a joke and it’s a legitimate way to ensure you’ll be more successful in your life. What is…

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Blogging Challenge: day 10

Hi! Welcome back to the student blogging challenge, today was a fun, free choice blog post. I decided to write about something I enjoy, memes. Memes are just good for a laugh every once in a while and I think many people like them. I decided to make memes based on the school program I’m…

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Blogging Challenge-Day 9

I’ll bet you thought you’d seen the last of the blogging challenge (so did I, to be honest). But today we have another challenge, all about our favourite holidays. So welcome to day 9. Today we had to choose 2 of 4 prompts to write a post about.  Prompt 1: Holiday poems For this prompt,…

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How it Started/How it’s Going

Welcome back to my blog! Hope you’re well! Today I have a summative post for our latest project, How it Started/How it’s Going. This project was inspired by this meme: Our end goal was to create a virtual museum filled with our own how it started/how it’s going memes. On the how it’s started side,…

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Blogging Challenge- day 8

Hey, welcome back! For this day of the blogging challenge, we had to use a random emoji generator and make a story out of it. I got a whale emoji, a football, a tortoise, a chicken leg, a cat, and two men holding hands. Quite strange but nonetheless I figured I could make an interesting…

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Blogging Challenge day 6

Hey! Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is about music, which I absolutely love. To kickstart the post, I made a playlist with some Broadway showtunes, some of my favourite types of music. These songs are mostly from well-known musicals and give you a good taste of what showtunes are like. blogging vibes I…

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