School #3 ❌ (INFO UPDATE)

Hello everyone, welcome back to another school blog. Sadly I’m going to be ending the series as a new load of work and different projects have just arrived. I’m sad to end it and in the future I still might continue it but for now it will be the end. Thanks for tuning into the […]

Chemistry Coding (REFLECTION POST)

GAME AT BOTTOM OF PAGE ⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️⌨️ INTRODUCTION💬: Hello world, it’s me. Sylas, and I’m back with another Scimatics blog! I forgot to tell you, welcome to Quarter 4! The last Quarter of my grade 8 experience. I’m happy to be presenting our first project in Scimatics Q4! I’m always excited to bring you these Scimatics […]

School #2 😕

Hello everyone, welcome back to another school blog. Now, before we start if your new here, I strongly suggest checking out my first school blog post as they all connect. Lets move on to what this post is about, school. UUUHHHHH. Yes, I go to school, yes its hard, yes I want to fall asleep, […]

School #1 😐

As you all know it, school can be a dreaded part of the day. Sure, there may be some of those kids out their that love school and everything about it, but I cant say the same. School can be fun and I like it but when there is a scedule that makes you want […]

The More Things Change: Refection Post 😗

Hello, everyone. Welcome back to another reflection post, if your new to my blog, I strongly suggest you check out my About Me page to learn more about me and what my hobbies are in life. Anyways, let’s move on to what this post is about, Reflecting on my new project, The More Things Change! […]