Who I Am

My name is Adam Blair Gerbrecht. I am a grade 12 student currently attending Seycove Secondary. I am also enlisted in the PLP program. PLP is a one-to-one iPad course, where we use technology to better enhance our learning. This learning is also amplified by things like field schools, presentations, and this blog. You can read more about PLP Here.

So, that’s enough about school, let’s talk about me. I have been roaming this earth for 17 years and for every 17 of those years I have had an older brother. (Amazing how that works,) anyway, my brother Evan is a little over two years older than me, and he is the one that introduced me into pretty much everything cool that I do. He got me into sports like hockey, football, rugby, and most recently and successfully, stand up paddle board racing. Oh, and this program but I’m just getting to the good bit. Evan and I are both Canadian champion, and internationally ranked racers, and have been for about 2 years. We are sponsored by two brands, Blackfish Paddles from Squamish, and ONE Ocean Sports from Australia. My life is honestly pretty chill. Here are a few pictures of me living said life.

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