The Winter Exhibition!

This Winter Exhibition was my very first one and I am quite excited for the next one. It was definitely hard work but it was also fun, and during it there were high points and low points, so let me go over some of them and come up with a solution for things that could go better for next time. One high point was when I got to explain my box to someone and they looked interested in it, there is just something really nice about explaining something that you have made all by yourself and explaining it to someone who is genuinely curious about it. Seeing everyone else’s rooms was amazing and they all looked so cool! Another high of the night was when we were all working together to put up everything in our room, and the end result looked great. Some lows of the night include people that were having “extended breaks”, as well as some people just coming room to room stealing snacks. I think that the biggest problem was when the person assigned to make our room activity forgot it and I believe we could fix that by assigning it to a different person next time. I don’t really know how to fix the other two problems that went wrong during the exhibition. Overall the Winter Exhibition was a positive experience. This is a photo of me during the exhibition in our room called the “executive lounge”.


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