The renaissance triptych and historical explanation

During this project I learned so much and one of my favourite things was using SuperimposeX to create this awesome triptych SuperimposeX let me edit in anything I needed to and it looks great, like using the mask tool to cut off part of the clock to Mae it look like it is behind me. I am glad that I learned how because this will be very useful in future projects.

With the rise of the renaissance came the rise of many great inventions that we still use to this day, like the printing press which led the way to newspapers, and books, or the discovery of lenses which produced glasses and telescopes. All of these inventions had a great impact on the world as we know it changing the course of humanity. The new ideas that sprouted during the renaissance changed humanity forever by providing us with so many different inventions. Such as the mechanical clock, which was much more accurate than any sundial or water clock and they were easier to use, the mechanical clock is still used. The when the use of lenses was discovered astronomers were truly able to view the rest of our galaxy through the telescopes made with lenses, and lenses were also put into monocles so people could see things better. The musket was a weapon that revolutionized firepower, and it was very powerful and more accurate than its predecessor, but also bigger. Before the renaissance happened people were very much single minded as to what was okay or not and in general they were more obedient, but many of them had ideas that they would not share to anyone else or be afraid of some sort of persecution. Before the renaissance inventions changed the world people used more primitive versions of them. The sundial was replaced by the mechanical clock, but was still very vital to the times by giving the person using it a surprisingly accurate read on the time. The harquebus was one of the first guns fired from the shoulder and it was often used on a support which transferred the recoil into the support. Before the lens was discovered people had no way of seeing far away other than going there. After the renaissance in the modern day those 3 inventions have been modernized and still function today. The telescope and the monocles lenses have been used in everything from cameras, to glasses, and to cell phones. As the world moves into a more developed society, the ideas from Europe and Asia that shaped it had a huge influence on the modern world. With the invention of the mechanical clock, people were able to measure time much more accurately than before. The use of lenses in telescopes greatly enhanced our view and understanding of the universe, while the musket revolutionized warfare. People were less obedient to the norms of society and felt more liberated to express their ideas and beliefs. The fundamental inventions of the renaissance have been modernized and improved upon in the modern day, some to a nearly unrecognizable extent. But the revolutionary ideas and inventions that began in Europe and Asia still remain as the basis for many of the things we use everyday. From the clock that tells us the time to the lenses that gave us the telescopes that peered into the depths of the universe, these inventions have greatly changed and expanded the world we live in.

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