Small but mighty!

In this science project, called small but mighty, we learned all about microorganisms and how they affect our body in both good ways and bad ways as well as all of the purposes of them. We learned about the adaptive immune system, the innate immune system, and each cell. Such as the macrophage, which is the cell that is tasked with getting rid of the pathogens, or the white blood cell that has the job of finding and marking any pathogens entering the body, and also the T-cell that splits up into three different variants of itself with each version having a different role. For our first keystone we were tasked with swabbing different areas of the school and then putting the swab into a Petri dish with agar in it and then observe the growths and changes over the course of the week, by the end of this keystone my Petri dish was covered in different molds and microbes. For our second keystone we were assigned to make a character for each of the cells we had learned about, making them humanized characters, I decided to make each of mine superheroes that fought off the pathogens. Finally our third keystone, we each had to make a kids health poster for schools in the district and we were also told to use at least one kindergartener’s drawing of what they thought was a “nasty germ” inside of our posters. Overall this project really helped me understand more about what actually goes on in the immune system and it also taught me how to use other peoples work in my own projects