Mind over matter!

Hey there welcome back to my blog, or welcome to my blog. In this science project we learned about atoms, mass, and the different states of matter, and how these all affect us. One of my personal favourite parts was learning about how to measure the mass of an object using a triple beam balance, which led to keystone 1. For keystone 2 we got to put gummy bears into different solutions, that we thought would affect gummy bears the most and view the results the next day. We did this in partners, my partner and I decided to use normal water and fizzy water, interestingly enough they came out bigger, which you will see if you decide to try this out for yourself! The third and final keystone we did was designing and making a video game, I will show you a few pictures from mine.

Overall this project taught me a lot about matter and atoms, I also had some fun experiences doing it!

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