What I learned in Maker making interesting images!

Photography is a meaningful and intellectual activity. You have to be able to look at a scene and think about what angle, what emotion and what filter can use to bring out the true creation of the photo. I can use the photos I take to portray my emotions, and really tell a story. 

Three skills I found the most useful were, the adjusting angles lesson, where we learned about the different views you can take a photo from. If you put your device on the ground you can stand over it and that’s a worms eye view angle. If the subject in you photos for example, is going down the stairs you can take a picture of them from above. Long view is were you take a picture of the subject with a effective background. They’re are a lot more interesting angles to use. Using filters is a useful way to bring out an emotion in a picture. Playing with the lighting in a picture can really make parts of it pop! 

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