Ideas from Europe and Asia have changed the world by creating new things and making life easier for everyone.

In our humanities class each person made triptychs to answer our driving question with is; “how did ideas from Europe and Asia change the world?” I chose to create a museum out of my work because that is what I thought would best answer the driving question. As you can see, my triptych is made up of three panels all with different pieces of artwork on each of them.  

I will start of by explaining my left panel:

 My left panel of my triptych is trying to show me in the renaissance with an idea that was invented in the renaissance time period. I choose to show three examples. The printing press, the eyeglass and the submarine.

Firstly, I chose to show the printing press because this invention was a very important time in history. With out the printing press, our lives would be a lot harder because we would have to copy every thing with a pen or pencil. I am happy that I was not alive in the renaissance because life was a lot harder back then.         Secondly, I chose to show the eye glass on my triptych because without it, people with not great eye sight would have to suffer. Though I don’t need glasses now, I never know if I may need them in the future. The lens also led to other new inventions like the modern day camera, and the telescope. For people who need glasses, the invention of the eyeglass helps them to see in their every day life today.                                                           And lastly, the submarine. While I was making my triptych, I just realized that the submarine was invented in the renaissance which I thought was really interesting. The submarine was originally invented to discover deep down in the ocean. The submarine was also used as a military tool/weapon in WWI and WWII. Scientists also use it to take tests deep down where divers can’t go.


My right panel:

My right panel is all about me in the period before the renaissance with the original idea that led to the three innovation’s that i talked about.

For my right panel, there is a picture someone writing by hand to match what came before the printing press. I also showed the magnifying glass, and the diving bell.                                                                                                   The first photo I chose to show, is Writing. This occurred before the printing press. This photo of someone copying things down is to demonstrate what it was like before the printing press was invented. Before the 1400’s, writing was the only way to record or share information. This was a time consuming method and this was not an easy way to duplicate things.                                                                                                                   Secondly, I chose the magnifying glass witch the eye glass evolved from.                                                                Before the eye glass was invented, they just had the magnifying glass to make thing look bigger when held up to a piece of paper. The modern day glasses also provide prescription if needed for people who have different requirements to see. Now we have glasses that just rest on your nose so you don’t have to hold them.         Lastly I will talk about the diving bell witch came before the submarine.                                                                Before the submarine, people used to use something called a diving bell to see under water which is basically a rigid space used to take divers from the surface of the ocean, to deeper down. This is usually for the purpose of performing underwater work. The diving bell, soon after came to be the submarine.


My centre panel:

My centre  panel is all about my life now with all of these inventions and how I use them today.

Firstly, I made myself sitting on a couch, watching somebody (me) on the television to show how the lens is used today.                                                                                                                                                                       Secondly, My triptych shows a printer on my desk to show that it is a useful tool that is fast and efficient. Not only does the printer have shadows in black and white, but it prints colour as well.                                            Lastly, I displayed an iPad on my desk with a photo of a submarine working in WWI.                                            This shows that people use these to this day in their every day life and it is very useful to this day.


In conclusion:

I have taken away a lot from learning about the renaissance and innovations from the renaissance. As you can see, the original innovations from the renaissance have changes and improved a lot. Without the inventions of the three things I have talked about in my triptych, my life and education would be very different. The inventions from the renaissance have brought us to new inventions today.                                                              Over all I think that this project was fun and it was a good was to answer the driving question.

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