I think the Avatar box project went well, it was not only very interesting but it was also very fun. I really liked the process of creating the box, I’m not really used to building things using clay and glue so it was definitely a really new experience for me. At first I had to get the supplies for the box, this part was probably the easiest part of the Avatar project because I didn’t really need to do anything except get the right supplies for my box, which I did. After that was the hard part, I had to plan out and make the actual box. My theme was corporate greed so I planned to have the humans destroying the home tree and blowing up the Na’vi peoples environment which showed how the humans would do almost anything to get rich and successful and displayed greed. It was sort of tricky at first but after deciding what to do and planning everything out carefully it actually became kind of a fun challenge having to mold things together and glue objects into my box. In the end I think my box turned out pretty well looking a lot like Pandora with the humans attacking the Na’vi people. Unfortunately I was sick for the exhibition so I wasn’t able to attend it but I will definitely make sure to attend it next time because it seemed like a really cool experience. I think the Avatar project was very cool and I hope to do something similar in the future!