Hi guys I’m Alexander. I go to Seycove and am a PLP student. This is my about me page!


Some sports that I play include skiing, soccer, and swimming. My favourite sport among these is probably skiing. I like having the wind in my face and going fast down a steep run, in a tier list I would definitely put it at double S. I also play a lot of soccer, I like to go to the park with a few friends and just practise some shooting and some dribbling. And last but not least is swimming, recently I’ve been going to the Hollyburn to practise all of the strokes and get some more endurance. A few weeks ago I actually managed to swim over a 100 laps, I also consider this one of my greatest achievements.


Some hobbies that I have other than sports include playing video games, and reading. I play quite a variety of games but the main games that I play are Elden Ring and Geometry Dash. For those who don’t what those games are, Elden Ring is like a D&D/Lord of the Rings game where you have to slay monsters and become Elden Lord. Geometry Dash is a platformer game where you have to jump and fly through obstacles as a little square. So far I have over 7k stars and over 120 demons in Geometry Dash and am fighting the Godskin Duo in Elden Ring. There both pretty cool games which I definitely recommend to play!

As I mentioned before I like to read. I enjoy reading fantasy books such as the Hobbit or The Lord Of The Rings but I also do like reading books about mystery and Sherlock Holmes kind of stuff. If you have any suggestions on good books to read, feel free to comment what the book is called and I will make sure to read it!


Some of my greatest achievements include climbing the Grouse Grind in around 45 minutes, swimming over 100 laps, and beating Different Descent and other very difficult levels in Geometry Dash.