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First Learning Portfolio

Dream Board: For the dream board activity I imported images on stuff that I wanted to accomplish and eventually achieve. I talked about stuff like successfully skiing a double black diamond or beating a top 50 extreme demon in Geometry Dash and stuff like that. After I finished my dream board I learned that I really like to challenge myself and that I like to try to accomplish very difficult tasks.

User Manual: For the user manual activity I talked about myself and hobbies that I do such as gaming and solving Rubik’s Cubes and stuff like that. I also talked about my schedule and I just sort of talked about things that I do in my general day. After this activity I learned that I like to try new things and challenge myself.

YouTube Channel: For the YouTube Channel assignment I talked about my YouTube Channel and what I would do if I had one and what kind of content I would create. I did also create a channel banner. The name that I would chose for my channel would be Wizard Grape and the content I would be making would be mainly on gaming. After this assignment I learned that I am actually very creative. For example, the channel name, the channel banner and my channel plan for what kind of videos I would be making were quite creative.

Feedback Form

Geek Out Reflection

I think the blogging process went well. This is different from my other posts because I posted about something that I really liked and found interesting (Geometry Dash, Minecraft). I did also indeed feel like I was writing for a different audience, mainly the gaming audience because that’s what my 2 pages were about. And Yes I do think it sort of influenced my writing because I was writing about something that I had a passion for.

Upon this experience, I learned that I like finding small interesting details about topics that I like. I found the part where I had to find some not known facts about Geometry Dash and Minecraft hard. The easiest part was the writing part. I found that putting everything into sentences and writing everything down pretty easy. And Yes I will continue to post to my blog because I actually find it kind of fun.


Geometry Dash Geek Out

The Seven Worst Things About Geometry Dash:

What is Geometry Dash? Geometry Dash is a rhythm based platformer game created by Robtop, where you have to jump and fly through objects and spikes. 

-Geometry Dash is very dependant on fps and Hz. The more fps you have the better you’ll be at the game. What sucks about this is that high refresh rate devices cost a lot of money.

-The game creator (Robtop) keeps lying about update 2.2. The last update in Geometry Dash was over 5 years ago and since then the creator keeps saying that the update will be out on this date or that date but in the end just turns out to be a lie.

-The game is too repetitive and after a while just gets boring. Playing a level attempt after attempt can get very boring.

-Geometry Dash is super Flashy and isn’t great for your eyes. Seeing constant flashing lights can cause potential damage to your eyesight.

-The game can be very addicting with a lot of excitement to it. If you’re a new player to the game, there’s a lot to explore and you can get easily hooked by the game fast.

-The Geometry Dash community is pretty toxic and mean. There are a lot of bullies and racist people on the game who can just ruin your day.

-Geometry Dash isn’t beginner friendly. Geometry Dash takes years to get some what descent at the game and isn’t like other games where it only takes a few weeks to get good.

Minecraft Geek Out

Seven Fascinating facts about Minecraft:

For people who don’t know. Minecraft is a sandbox adventure game where you can do whatever you want. You can make kingdoms, kill monsters, or travel to different dimensions. Everything is up to you. 

-Minecraft has been taught at school, and has been used as a source of education. A school in Sweden known as the Victor Rydberg Secondary school made Minecraft a part of their curriculum.

-The famous so called Creeper in Minecraft was never meant to exist. When Minecraft programmers were creating a pig they accidentally messed up the height and lengths of the pig therefore making the Creeper.

-Minecraft is one of the best selling games of all time. So far, Minecraft has sold over 238 million copies since its release.

-Minecraft used to be called “Cave Game”, but was later changed to “Minecraft”.

-Once every 10,000 times you play Minecraft, a typo will appear at the beginning of the menu screen saying “Mineceraft” instead of Minecraft.

-The bogey man of Minecraft is fake. Since the beginning of Minecraft a popular creepy pasta known as Herobrine was said to roam the worlds of Minecraft and cause mayhem in peoples worlds. This theory has been debunked and it has been proven that no such thing as Herobrine has ever existed in normal Minecraft.

-The fastest legit completion of Minecraft was in 10 minutes!

Making Interesting Images Reflection

1. I can use the still image to reflect and show emotions through pictures. For example, I can show anger or nostalgia or happiness through an image. This is how I can communicate through a still image.

2. Interesting Images Slideshow

3. I found the skill where we had to put an emotion into an image very useful. Learning how to add emotions and characteristics to a photo was very cool and actually helped me create quite a few really cool pieces of art.

The skill where we had to take picture from certain angles was also very useful. I found it created more of an atmosphere to certain photos and was overall very useful to make very unique images.

Also the skill where we had to use Photo Booth was also very useful. I liked using all of the features on it such as the X-Ray and light tunnel and all of that. It created a lot of weird but interesting pictures.

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