Hello and welcome back to my blog! Since you have probably seen the title or my last blog post, this is sort of a part two to my last one except that this time it’s provincials!

If you’d like to see my last blog post and to see what DI is then click here. My group members are Holly, Ben, Liam, Emily and Matthew

Now let’s get started!

Team choice element #2:

So, for Regionals, our second team choice element wasn’t great. If you look back at my regionals post, in the video presentation; don’t you remember the background music? 

Anyways, after regionals, we knew that we absolutely had to come up with a better idea and this time, we had more time. During spring break, we texted and met up (the people who weren’t away).  We brainstormed and brainstormed until we came up with….drum roll please..a mural. Yep, that’s right. Haven’t you ever seen or heard of one of those painted murals on the walls of coffee shops (specifically starbucks)? Well, in case you didn’t know, our presentation just happened to be based on a coffee shop, better yet, Starbucks. Plus, we made it a two in one; a backdrop and a team choice element!

Here was our final product:


Team choice element: Something that the team has chosen to include in performance that is not required in the rules of the road.

Team work:

Over the past two months or so, we all definitely got closer; when we met up after school, during school, etc. Which impacted our results in our instant challenge(s). We stoped cutting each other off with better ideas, we made sure everyone talked and had a head in the solution and it took us way less time to get stuff done.

This is a picture from DI Regionals


If you saw the performance at regionals, you may have noticed our fancier costumes that were kind of dated (minus the barista and the lumber jack). That was because we wanted to make our a story based in the 1920’s. We realized that the only hint about that was our costumes and not even that was clear. It didn’t make much sense so, we decided to get rid of the whole 1920s theme because it was just useless.

Also, in our story, we added so much more comedy than there was at regionals which we thought was pretty necessary in our performance.


Yes, I did talk about the backdrop a little bit in the mural but the backdrop part also really improved. Here is the backdrop at Regionals.


I apologize for the blurryness, this was a screen shot taken during our performance at Regionals. As you can tell, the top right corner of our backdrop was falling apart.

Overall learning experience

So some people may think that DI (Destination Imagination) is useless, that it’s too hard and that you don’t learn much from it. Well, I think that DI has really taught me different ways to use my creativity (you can do anything with cardboard!), it teaches you to cope better with stress (because DI is pretty darn stressful!), it teaches you to work efficiently under pressure (instant challenges) and, most importantly,  it teaches you teamwork (even if it’s with people that you don’t work well with).

Also, DI isn’t as easy as it seems, here is what I thought was the hardest:

  • Trying to be extra creative while being under pressure
  • Including every team member in the imagination of a solution
  • Dealing with time vampires
  • Deadlines and time management
  • Trying to always be productive and get lots of work done every chance you get

Regionals what a lot like a wake up call for my team and I; after regionals, we knew exactly what we had to get done and focus on the most to improve. We were also so much more organized and experienced (of course).

Anyways, overall, I think that we did improve a ton at provincials and now I’m even more experienced and sort of know what to expect next year! Also, at provincials, my team and I ended up in 3rd place for our team challenge and 1st for our instant challenge! Yay! Destination Imagination was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for next year!