Hey everyone! In this blog post, I will be talking about Identity. Now why exactly am I talking about identity you may ask? Because I haven’t talked about it so much since our first project from grade 9, This Land Is Us. Well, in our newest project, we are preparing to create our own individual podcasts. So, we started from learning all about podcasts and the most important parts that make them so interesting. Little details like formatting, editing and music all play a huge role in the making of a podcast. And, our podcasts are going to be based hugely on some certain aspect of our identities.

Side note: I challenge you to count how many times I say “Identity” in this post. Because I bet there’s going to be many. 


Identity is a complex and confusing thing. But to simplify it for you, it’s really just everything that is either a part of your life or something that represents you. As I said, identity has been a big part of our class discussions and activities. So, let me show you my own description of identity, and one that a few of my classmates and I put together as well.

Now the first part of our group description is pretty self explanatory, but let me explain the second part for you.

Your background plays a role in who you are today and who you are today plays a role in who you are tomorrow.”

What that really means is that your past, present and future actions affect who you are. Or more specifically, your identity. 

It can be something big that represents who you are such as the place you live or even something just as small as your favourite ice cream flavour. Just really every little thing that’s apart of your life or could represent you, is part of your identity. Your worldview, (something that I haven’t talked about since grade 8!) is also apart of your identity. 




After having many in-class discussions and activities to help us better simplify the meaning of identity, we took it to the next level by creating something called a bio-poem. Even with such little words, somethings in this bio-poem can mean many things.

For example, Covid-19 has hugely impacted my identity and the way I live, as has it with everyone else in the world. Where I live also impacts my identity a whole lot because it impacts who I’m friends with, my values, my beliefs and what my day to day schedule is like.

In this project, another assignment that applied a lot to our identities was the “Letter to myself”. These letters were to be written to ourselves at the end of this year. We wrote about goals that we’d hope to have accomplished, things that we would have liked to have made changes to and of course, incorporated points on our own identities as well.

While and after creating my podcast, I’m going to focus on having it push me to grow and improve as student, teammate, friend, daughter, sister and just a person overall. And so I’m hoping, when I do look back at that “Letter to Myself” in June, that I would have achieved those goals, not only from just my podcast, but from my experiences, actions and opportunities to come.

Another part from the milestone that is this blog post, was making a GIF. This GIF had a picture of ourselves and included symbols that represented our identities. Here’s mine!