Ahem! Testing…Testing… Can everyone hear me? Good. I am pleased to announce that the first project of my grade 10 year has now been completed. What is this project you may ask? Well, in this project, we created podcasts. And yes, if you’re a typical teenager like me, you think that the only thing you’d like to listen to is music or tv. But, let me tell you, podcasts are a lot cooler than you’d think and way underrated.

We started off this project by focusing on two things: identity and the steps we’d take to get to our final product. Let’s start with identity. We had some in-class talks, talking about how we defined identity. The way I described it was mostly using the words that are apart of worldview (geography, beliefs, knowledge, values, society, etc). If you’d like to see more about our activities and class-discussions, click here to see my second milestone on identity. But, if you decided to stay here, here’s also a smaller look at the activities we did. 

Now let’s go on to the following milestones to get us closer to our final podcast. Our third milestone was our podcast plan. It wasn’t very eye appealing as I could’ve made it, but it got my ideas across. And, although I had a strong idea on what my podcast was going to be about, I had no idea what I would make my music like or what how my podcast was going to be put together. 

As I was brainstorming different ideas I could do for my podcast, I thought about what I think would appeal to a more wide range of people and in my case, teenagers. But, I finally narrowed down to the idea of creating a podcast that could give the advice to teenagers that they are missing from their everyday lives to make them even better. Because it’s always great to learn all this information early instead of in your 20s and 30s. 

The idea came to me when I was having dinner with my parents one night. Every once and awhile, I have these long deep conversations with them about different aspects of life. So, I thought, why not put all of that wisdom into a podcast? So that’s what I did. 

Next, we created a draft for our podcast trailer. A trailer being a 1-2 minute clip of us introducing our podcasts. Now, let me tell you, my trailer draft was mega rough, because I hadn’t created my music yet and had an okay idea of how it was going to be formed. And thanks to milestone 5, it helped make that a lot easier. In this milestone, we received critique from one of our peers (thank you Grace). This came very useful to me because it gave me a much better idea on how to form my trailer as I said it would. 

Next, came our final podcast trailer and final milestone. I also added somethings such as a small clip of a short interview I recorded with my dad. I asked him about 5 questions and picked which answer I found most “attention grabbing”.

And in the making of this podcast trailer, I successfully improved my GarageBand skills. Instead of knowing nothing at all, I now know pretty much all of the basics and how to work most of it. Which is a huge win for me considering the fact that  I was convinced I would never learn how to work that app.  

To conclude, I would say that this project overall was pretty successful. I didn’t start off quite as amazing as I wanted to but then later on and when it came to my final product, I can say that I am quite proud of how it turned out. It turned out way better than I thought it would and the steps in this project taught me how to become a real podcaster and get out of my comfort zone by eventually going out to bring and interview people to feature on the show.