Hey blog! Welcome to week five of my weeky summative blog posts. Now, this week hasn’t been one of crazier weeks we’ve had, but it was pretty exciting since we were starting a new project. This project’s driving question is “How might we use stories to understand the causes and consequenes of WWII?”. And to find those stories that we are going to be telling, we are finding interviewees that were either involved in WWII or know a crap ton about it. One thing we did  this week as well was listen to an interview of a man named Helmut Lemke, an old member of the SS in WWII, actually hosted by someone in the PLP program.

In the 15 mins or so that we heard, we learned that being appart of the SS, which if you don’t know what it is, it was the organization that was basically most responsible for the genocide of about 6 million jews and millions of other victims during the Holocaust, but likely, Helmut wasn’t involved in that. I also mentionned him in the first milestone we did for this project, where we wrote a couple paragraphs about nationalism.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Bye!