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Identity Unit – Looking back

How does the land around you impact your identity? When I was first asked this I thought I knew the answer instantly, when in reality I did not, at all.


My mind jumped straight to sports more specifically two of my passions; Mountain Biking and Snowboarding. I figured since I love those sports and both sports require a mountain, that’s how the land impacts my identity, but I was thinking about my own experiences and the more I thought about the question the more I realized, how many different answers there are.


We were tasked with answering this question in video format.


You can watch that video here


In the video I talk more about other stuff like the natural resources we find within the land, or how the land can impact things like art for example: I went to deep cove and talked to a local artist and she had some really neat things to say (which are noted in more detail in my video).


While the rest of the plp 9 class went to Alberta, Anikah, Aiden and I stayed at Seycove, although I did not explore Alberta I got to explore more of the place I just moved to: North Vancouver. Even though I didn’t move from a place like Ontario, while I worked on this project I noticed that the average lifestyle differs a lot from Port Coquitlam (The place I moved from). The biggest difference I noticed is everyone is a lot more outdoorsy here, and there’s large community’s for activities like hiking, biking, skiing, and snowboarding. You don’t see those large of communities in Port Coquitlam even though the two cities have roughly the same population.


Looking back on this unit, I think I learned a lot about others’ perspectives on the land around us, and on their definition of identity itself. Most Importantly I learned about how I owe a lot of my own character and identity to the place I call home.

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