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Blogging Challenge Week 3 – Creative Commons And Other Image Usage

As the title may suggest, today I will be talking to y’all about Creative Commons (and the rest of our week 3 blogging challenge tasks), but first of all, what is Creative Commons? Who is Creative Commons? How is Creative Commons?

    I think we’re better off with just answering what is Creative Commons. Well it’s a non profit organization, that makes copyright licenses to allow the public to use artist’s work for free! You can read all about them on there website (


    But wait google images aren’t free you might be asking, well yes and no. Most images you find on google CAN be copyrighted. Basically Google Images and fair use is a thin tightrope that Creative Commons turns into a massive suspension bridge.


For our other week 3 tasks we challenged with taking a photo of our own to include in out blogs, all the photos I have on my blog (excluding 2) are my own and here is another one of my wall: 

And here is a cool image I found on a Creative Commons plug-in for my blog: Tree & Bird Russ Seidel via Compfight

    Welp, this concludes my week 3 blog! Thank you for reading, have great rest of your day/evening!

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