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Take your kid to work day!

The take your kid to work day; an eliciting day for the grade nines of Seycove secondary. Most of them battled their way through traffic at 7 am that day, where as I rolled out of bed along with my father, ate my breakfast and got to work!


My dad is a graphic designer for his own company, he builds websites and logos for businesses around the world. You can hear him and myself talk all about it on my, take your kid to work day video, linked right here.


During the end of the video I talk a bit about work ethic but I didn’t really expand on that in the video. First of all what does work ethic even mean? Well I asked google and this is what it came up with. 

I think there’s a little more to work ethic than just hard work I believe it also includes virtues such as time management, and dedication. Work ethic is something I really want to work on this year as I think my own needs a lot of improvements, for example if my work ethic was better my video could have turned out better, or maybe this blog could have been more in-depth. If my father didn’t have a good work ethic we probably wouldn’t live in the nice apartment we have right now, I know I can do better, and the take your kid to work day unit has shown me that a little more.


So overall this unit was really fun, and I think it has opened up a new learning experience for myself, which will definitely be expanded upon in our later PGP course assignments.


As always, have a great rest of your day/evening, and thanks for reading.


Blogging Challenge Week Five – What Type of Person Are You?

Welcome back all to week five of the student blogging challenge! This week we were tasked with distinguishing to types of people, (e.g stuff like milk or cereal first?)


For this week I’d simply like to know if you are a cat person or dog person.


If by chance, you’ve never heard/seen any cats or dogs here are some pros and cons for these common house pets.



Pros Cons
  • Loyal
  • Easily trainable (depending on breed an dog itself)
  • Defensive
  • Great for going out on walks with
  • Might make you some friends
  • Lots of fun to play with (frisbees usually aren’t included)
  • Many different breeds.
  • Belly rubs
  • Usually fairly crazy in the first few months of having them
  • Takes a bit more dedication than cats
  • Sometimes go crazy around other dogs
  • Cleaning up after them (optional, but only if you want to risk getting fined)
  • Nails get sharp
  • Say goodbye to all your soccer balls
  • Might get sprayed by a skunk




Pros Cons
  • Smaller
  • No clean up (really low maintenance pets)
  • Will snuggle with u
  • Fun to play with (usually requires toys)
  • Will eat mice for you occasionally
  • Lots of different breeds
  • Don’t freak out when someone rings the doorbell
  • Gets along with other cats fairly well
  • Secretly plotting to kill you
  • Ow sharp nails
  • Might disappear for a couple days randomly
  • Not as loyal as dogs
  • Not really the type of pet to go play with outside


Although cats have less cons than dogs, it’s all personal preference, leave me a comment sharing yours! Personally I am a dog person but this blog is about learning about you the reader not myself, so feel free to leave a comment, as always have a great rest of your day/evening, and thanks for reading.



    Greetings all, welcome back to another blog post, today I’ll be talking to y’all about our metaphor machines unit.


    When first introduced to this project, we learned a lot about circuits and the anatomy of a revolution (Crane Brinton’s theory) I don’t think I performed our circuit labs to the best of my ability and looking back on it there is definitely room for improvement, that being said I did learn a thing or two about circuits that I didn’t know before. For our humanities side of the project we learned about the industrial revolution, I think did O.K overall in our worksheets we were assigned before the “real project” begun.


    Speaking of this “real project” what is it? Well it was mostly split into two parts, making a Rube Goldberg machine that would metaphorically represent the revolution your group was assigned, and then a video explaining our revolution and machine, you can watch that video right here.

Making the machine:

    First our group consisting of myself, Amelia, Izzy, and Jackson sketched out our rough ideas for the machine, I think we came up with a pretty good concept but Amelia definitely stole the show with her great sketches for our scale blueprint. Now that we had our blueprints, it was time to make the thing, so that’s exactly what we did.

Our scale blueprint.

Except, we had a little bit of a curveball headed our way. There was a required aesthetic for our machine, that being: steampunk (you can read all about steampunk on my Steampunk Inquiry Blog), this meant we had to spray paint a lot of our machine’s parts into steampunk colours such as gold or silver. I think I went a little overkill with the spray painting, and looking back on it I should have been more focused on building and not the cool spray paint cans. Other than that I think myself and the rest of my group did a great job on our machine, but we encountered quite a few problems along the way, such as circuits not connecting, or technology not cooperating, but it was nothing a little creativity and persistence couldn’t overcome.

Making The Video:

    The final hurdle in this project (not including this blog) was the video, incharge of the script was Izzy/Amelia, in charge of music was Jackson, and finally in charge of editing; myself. Although we didn’t have soldering irons in our hands for this one, it was still a lot of fun to make this video. Although Creative Commons has a lot of great images on it, it was surprisingly tedious to find images to match our voiceovers for the video, although I think the end product was fairly good, next time I’d definitely like to find good images sooner in the project. Other than that there wasn’t too many huge obstacles for the video, other than procrastination but that’s a topic I could cover tomorrow.


    So, one more unit down, one more to go (this semester). As I already mentioned this was a really fun project and it’s one of the most fun school projects I’ve ever worked on. I learned a lot about metaphors, circuits, and most importantly The Russian Revolution.


    As always, have a great rest of your day/evening and I’ll catch you guys in the next one!


Live Event

So way back on October 21st, I attended my older cousins birthday. Although it was a fun party and all I’m not talking about his birthday I’m talking about a sort of party trick performed by a family friend, you can hear my dad’s first hand experience with this on my live event video.

You can watch that video right here.

Personally, I don’t think myself nor my father (in my first draft of the video) did a great job on explaining what the party trick actually was. Well, let me explain, the ingredients needed are 5 people and one chair. One of the five people sits on the chair, the four people will cup their fingers into this position shown. 

Then the 4 people will insert their fingers under the chair victim’s knees and shoulders and attempt to lift, 80% the time the chair victim will get lifted an inch at most. The 4 people will retry this but, they will each place their right hand firmly on the top of the chair victims head, of course after the right hand goes on top so does the left. Then the 4 people will try to lift again most often, they will lift the chair victim very high but that raises questions like, how does it work? So I asked my dad that, and you can view that in my video.

In conclusion it was a pretty cool event to watch/take part in and I had a fun time participating and later interviewing my father. So as always thanks for reading another entry in my above mediocre blog!


Blogging Challenge Week 4 – Emojis!

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another post on the student blogging challenge, today’s topic: Week 4!


    For week 4 we have been tasked with creating a visitor tracking widget (mine is not up yet as I need to change my blog theme) and we were also tasked with probably one of our most fun challenges yet, that being: Emojis! We were given 4 options for our blog this week, they were: Emoji story prompt, Emoji guessing game, Emoji maths, and last but not least, Emoji art. I chose the Emoji guessing game.


These are my Emoji puzzles:






Let’s see if you got any of these right, remember to comment your answers. Welp, that’s all for this post I will see you guys in the next one!

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