Totally Tubular Totalitarianism

Ah yes, another year, another unit, another blog, welcome back to the first addition to my blog in 2019, the PLP cohort started this year off with a unit on the interwar years and how to make a perfect essay. More importantly we started this year off with a new driving question, “What Makes an Historical Event Significant” I answer a modified version of this question in my essay which, if you wish, you can read right here.

This unit started off quite rocky for me I went away for 9 days on the first week of school, and it kept me behind for the majority of this project. We started by researching our topic, mine being the rise of totalitarianism in japan, we were then tasked with writing annotated bibliographies which was my least favourite part of this project. After that we began writing our essays, we made a total of 3 drafts and I’m pretty happy with how mine turned out. Although I wish I could of handed in everything on time.

Learning about the Showa era, was cool because I got to learn more about how Japanese culture has developed over the years, and if I ever get the chance to learn about the history of Japan after WWII I will be very excited. I’ve been interested in Japans history ever since I saw “The History Of Japan” on YouTube, which was a viral video that briefly explained Japans history, it barely mentioned the Showa era, so this unit gave me a chance to fill in some gaps of my understanding of Japans history. This unit also gave me a chance to see how much better life has become for most people around the world, the amount of war crimes Japan committed in the 1930’s are relatively unspoken about now and it really gave me some depth to my perspective on life as a whole.

Overall this unit was pretty 2 dimensional but it was really cool to be able to practice making a perfect essay and I know that will help me out a lot throughout the rest of my schooling, also learning about Japan’s history was also a lot of fun, the Japanese culture really interests me and this unit gave me a deeper understanding of Japan’s history.