WW2 And Books, And Also Movie Trailers.

Another blog post, another unit with PLP, grab some popcorn because this ones about the WW2 trailer unit, for this unit our class was divided into groups and tasked with making a trailer for a book about WW2, my group consisted of Jordyn, Anika, and Caleb, our book was Salt to The Sea, by Ruta Sepetys, you can watch the trailer we made in all its glory right here .

This unit has probably been my favourite so far this year, I love to make videos in my free time so the video making that portion of this project was a lot of fun for me. Bringing a book to life was cool, and it’s definitely something I’d love to do again with more resources/time. Actually learning about WW2 was also pretty cool, having Caleb in my group was especially awesome this unit as he is pretty much a walking encyclopedia on anything Army related. 

The biggest challenge I had with this project, was the same one as I do with most, my work habits, breaking these habits this year is proving to be a lot more tough than it seems on the surface, for example, I missed a filming day with my group because I slept in and the amount of work I put into the “little parts” of this project proves that this is a major problem for me furthermore. I’m not sure if this project was an improvement or not, on one hand I think the actual trailer was quite decent (other than exporting in 360p) as well as the amount of information I did actually retain, but on the other hand I didn’t hand in most of the milestones and I’m getting this post in late, after writing that out I’m pretty sure the cons outweigh the pros in this scenario, better late then never though.

Overall I really loved this unit and I wish I put more into it, I know I’m capable of doing much better than I’ve been doing in this class recently and I’m looking forward to proving that, so as always thanks for reading and have a great day/evening.