Podcast Number 1

Hello all, welcome back to my blog, I’m back here for the third blog of 2020 (I still don’t know how to start these off right), anyways it’s been another unit for the sorta PLP Cohort and I, this time not tasked with making a video or play, instead we stripped both of those down into what’s known as a podcast, our podcast had to provide an answer for our driving question which was “How did the lives & conditions change and stay the same for Canadians after WW2?” We were split up into partners (my partner was Caleb) and we then each modified the driving question to fit a specific group of people, Caleb and I turned our question into “How the lives and conditions have changed for Canadian Veterans after WW2?” In short, I think this project went well for me and you can listen to our finished podcast on Soundcloud right here


Up above I said that in short that this project went well for me, I do think that, but this project was far from perfect, and I’d say the biggest challenge for Caleb and I in this project was trying to get an Interviewee for our podcast, unfortunately neither of our potential interviewees ever responded to us. This was a huge setback for us but we made the most of it, we chose to speak about an interview that occured between a veteran named Brock and our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, we actually reached out to Brock for an interview, although as I mentioned earlier he never responded. 


The biggest upside for this project was the amount of work I put in for once, I actually read and genuinely enjoyed the book that we studied for this project, and this project was probably my best in terms of keeping up with due dates up until the end portion of it, sadly. I think that the real product of this project wasn’t the main goal for me this time around, I tried my best to take all the steps for this project, but at the end I seemed to run out of gas. The final week of this project was very hectic, and I managed to contract the flu for the last two days of it, which were also the last two days before spring break. I was genuinely out of commision for about 4 days but when I could finally work again I didn’t bother doing the final two assignments of this project (those being, the literary response for “The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian” and this blog that you are reading now). Perhaps it was the social pressure of the oncoming Covid “pandemic” or maybe it was me just lashing out at that fact I really didn’t get to go outside this entire break because I could’ve of had Covid I know that was the right thing to do and I don’t think I regret that in the grand scheme of things, but I do regret what I chose to spend my time doing during this spring break, which was quite frankly nothing of use. I had plenty of things I could have done but didn’t so I am going to try my best moving forward so that the pro-activeness I started to practice with this project continues.


Overall this project, to me, felt like another sort of large step in the right direction. I hope to continue this trend, as we explore the wonders of Online schooling, which I’m sure any teacher reading this is pretty worried about, for me (that’s a joke for legal reasons).