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Shrew You: Reflective Post

Welcome back readers, time for another look into my learning with PLP. This project focused on building our essay writing skills along with studying “The Taming of the Shrew” in order to answer our driving question: “How can the suffragette movement demonstrate both how much and how little has changed for women today?” you can read my answer to the question linked here in my final essay.


Similarly to my last project this quarter I’m very happy with turning everything in on time this project, it doesn’t seem like much (mostly because it isn’t) but I am pretty happy with myself for putting more effort into this course this year. I’m also really happy with the amount of learning I explored outside of the realm of the assigned curricular competencies, if that was for better or for worse is debatable, you can read about most of the extra research I did for this project here in my Milestone Two assignment. Like every project with PLP there are still a lot of things I could have done better with retrospect, for starters that milestone two document linked earlier, should have related a lot more to texts assigned in class and less about the other research I did, and I had the chance to revise yet I didn’t. I let myself get caught up in, what I determined to be, more important assignments even though if I had just managed my time better I could have revised and still done all the assignments at the same caliber I presented anyways.


The biggest blow to my performance in this project was easily my acquisition of strep throat that caused me to be absent from 6 classes. I definitely had 2 days there where I was not functional at all but I used it as an excuse to not put in 100% for the remainder of my time away from school, I barely hung on to my contracted grade of 93%, if it at all. Taking this into consideration I’m very grateful for my teachers for letting me move along with my final essay, because in Mr Hughe’s words… “We asked for a cherry pie, but you made us an apple pie, the apple pie still demonstrated my baking skills but it’s still not a cherry pie”. To that I would say that firstly, pie isn’t that good in the first place why are you teaching us how to make pie, and secondly, apple pie is better than cherry pie. All that said I am still proud of my final essay, Ms Willemse challenged me to take stance on the “right” interpretation of taming of the shrew, and I think I soundly argued my case on how the interpretations of the play over time represents a positive shift in the ideas of what place of women is in society. 


So, overall I think I did a relatively good job on this project although I should have paid more attention to feedback and/or asked for more considering the recent controversy on Suns and Rainbows (our grading system) within the PLP 11/12 cohort. I think I learned a lot and I would argue that my perspective on many things and ideas has broadened during this project, which is great. I don’t really care about my grade that much as long as I took some real things out of a course, and I did this quarter with PLP. I recommend you check out my final essay linked above, any feedback is cool with me!


Hopefully you will see some other cool blogs on here during the time in between now and the next time I’m back in the PLP class which will be in the last 4th of the school year. Thanks for reading and as always, have a great rest of your day/evening


Weekly Reflection: Week six

Hello all, welcome back to another weekly reflection. This week saw the completion of the PLP 11/12’s essays, coming in the form of Milestone 5 and 6. If you read my reflection last week you would know that I was sick for 4 days of that week, I continued to be sick for 2 more days of this week, these 6 missed days of an accelerated course are pretty much equivalent to missing 2 months of class in a regular year. I was honestly pretty proud of my performance in the class up until this point, I still am proud of the work I’ve produced yet I am not proud of the work habits I practiced during these last two weeks, my hand in times for most homework assignments went from a usual 5-10pm (if an assignment is due the next day) to a not particularly healthy 12-4am, my sleep habit is still abysmal, and it’s my fault. I let myself slip to this point, even though I am still doing my work, which is an improvement from years prior I am still leaving it to the very last moment possible, this is impacting my other classes too, I’ve been tunnel visioned with my humanities work that I forget about Physics a lot of the time, and haven’t been keeping up with the worksheets assigned much. It feels like I’m just barely hanging on to my decent marks in both classes, maybe it’s possible that I subconsciously like that, maybe it’s just a “relapse” into my old habits, the point is, I don’t know why I do this to myself. My saving grace is that I have still been working hard in class and been learning a lot, the biggest lesson I should be taking out of this week is that one slip up shouldn’t define the rest of my performance in a class, I have a tendency to let things snowball and I didn’t let my mistakes snowball exponentially like I usually do. I also know that since I have shown myself that I am capable of growth as a person (with my work habits in particular) I know that I will be able to rebuild my good habits I demonstrated earlier this quarter again throughout the rest of the year. 


I have a lot more thoughts on this unit in humanities as a whole, but because I don’t like to repeat myself I will save most of them for unit reflection post that will be posted tomorrow, for this blog I really just wanted to write down the lessons I took for myself as a person this week rather than the lessons I took for myself as a learner. Tune in next week for more self p̶i̶t̶y reflection and my thoughts on the latest PLP project: “Shrew You!” 


As always thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day/evening.


Weekly Reflection: Week Four

Hello all, welcome back to week four of my weekly reflections. This week wasn’t the greatest in all aspects mostly because I had strep throat from Tuesday and for the rest of the week, I slept through most of the week and didn’t really have a functioning brain until late Thursday which really sucked. I did participate in my group’s presentation of milestone 3 (the assignment was identifying continuity and change for the suffragette movement during the 1940s – 1950s) via facetime, I had a fever at the time and it’s probably the worst presentation I’ve ever done, I definitely could’ve prepared a bit more and I wouldn’t be surprised if I lost some mark for that abmissmal performance. That’s not to say I didn’t do any work for milestone three, because I did a good amount of research about feminist literature and I also compiled a list of the most important legal changes during the time period but I definitely could’ve helped a lot more with our thesis. 


With all the downtime I had this week I decided to watch two films relating to women’s cultural standards in two different time periods and places, the first was “Marriage Story” and the second was “In The Mood For Love” I had a lot of thoughts on both of these films and if your interested you can read those thoughts in my Milestone 2 document, which is my main research document for my current project in Humanities, keep in mind that this document is pretty informal and is mostly just for myself. I liked both movies a lot, the first one spoke very personally to me because it’s about divorce and that’s something I’ve been through, the second one was more of a beautiful piece of film in my opinion and I totally understand why it’s considered to be one of the best movies of the 21st century. I went a lot deeper with my reflections and interpretations of both in my milestone two, document but the biggest things I took out from the movies was how “Marriage Story” and “In The Mood For Love” show just how much and how little has changed for women over time and shows the cultural differences between Hong Kong and North America in the 60’s. This can all be tied back to my second weekly reflection, where I talked about “The Death Of The Author” the subjectivity of texts, because in my milestone 2 I did not once acknowledge the creators of either films, because it doesn’t matter to justify my interpretation, of course I would say that Wong Kar-Wai did an incredible job in using visual metaphors to add a layer of depth to his story, but I don’t think that his intentions with the movie changes my interpretation at all. They can if I want them to, but I still would argue that my takeaways are as profound as they would be if I acknowledged and looked for the creators intentions with either movies, and I think that makes my own thoughts a bit more personal and the lessons I took away from both movies will probably stick with me longer because of it. It could also be argued that I’ve stuck with this idea for a bit too long with my reflections.


I’ve also missed a lot of “Taming of The Shrew” which is probably the worst part of the entire week because it means I have to read it during my own time. 


Overall, despite missing a lot of school I still feel like I learned a lot this week which is good, I think. I feel ready for what’s to come in the upcoming week for humanities (I don’t feel ready for physics though) and most of all I’m going to make up for missed time! So as always, thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day/night.



Weekly Reflection: Week Three

Hello all, welcome back to the third edition of my weekly reflections. We’ve had a mildly exciting week with our PLP humanities class this week, I’ve particularly enjoyed all of the discussions we’ve been having, I haven’t really enjoyed being labeled a contrarian, though, I see why most people think that. Our daily discussions as a class have been focused on determining whether or not songs in culture are sexist, if you’ve read my blog from last week you may know that I don’t think there’s a right answer to that but usually most of the class comes to similar consensus, I think that’s because the majority of us tend to be pretty progressive with our thoughts on society and culture. 


Last week I highlighted the essay “The Death of Author” which argues that all text (including music) should be interpreted by the individual, this week I decided I wanted to dig a little deeper into that concept and relate it to our discussions in class, this lead me down an all familiar rabbit hole of thought that ended with me going through a tiny existential crisis. I think that almost all aspects of life can be interpreted subjectively, I guess this is a pretty nihilistic take because it infers that nothing has any real meaning, but I think that fact gives the individual the power to choose their own meaning, thus my conclusion (this video by “Kurzgesagt” is great on explaining this better than me) if anyone is interested by this video I recommend checking out Franz Kafka, Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, or Plato. I don’t know if that’s the conclusion Ms Willemse wants us to come to, I think most of the PLP students would agree that right and wrong aren’t objective. Perhaps the discussions allow us to think more critically about what we think is right and wrong and realize that our perception of it can change very easily. I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve taken away from the discussions, I used to think that music was just music and people really shouldn’t let themselves get offended by it, and even though I still kind of think that, I now really understand why people can get offended by certain songs or texts. These discussions have definitely helped me understand why things do or don’t matter to other individuals. I just think that being able to hear about other people’s thought processes on these things is really cool, and honestly the discussions are my favorite part of the school day. 


Moving forward I’m quite excited for the rest of this project actually, because we’ve been exploring a lot of topics I really enjoy thinking about. I’m also no longer finding the essay readings as redundant anymore because I’ve kind of realized the point in reading them. Also excited to watch Kramer vs. Kramer tomorrow!


So as always, thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day/evening!


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