Chemistry Coding…A Summative Blog Post!

Hello world, I’ve started a new project in Scimatics called “Chemistry coding”. This project was all about coding an interactive matter game or simulation (I made a simulation). This simulation was meant to showcase the behaviour of matter throughout the kinetic molecular and atomic theory. This was also the foundation of the driving question fro […]

The More Things Change…

Hello world,  I’ve started a partner project called “The more things change”. This project was all about learning how to learn how to identify continuity and change, plus using evidence (these were the two curricular competencies for this project). The other main concept I had to achieve was answering the driving question for this project, […]

Argh Matey… It’s Going To Be Summative!

Hello world,  I’ve recently completed a project called argh matey. The point of this project was to learn how to examine cause and consequence and use that format and develop knowledge about European exploration. The driving question for this project was “what was the impact of global exploration?”. This project consisted of four milestones and […]

A Destination Imagination Journey!

Hello world, Throughout these past weeks If been working on a challenge from the program called ‘Destination Imagination’ (or called D.I.). You are probably wondering “What is Destination Imagination?”. Destination Imagination is an organization that constructs out of the box challenges to twist minds of a variety of students worldwide. The main point of Destination […]

A Blog’s Reflection!

Hello world, This blogging challenge post is a final reflection, yes I said final. This is the final blogging challenge post. I’m really proud of all of the work I’ve done throughout my many challenges. I’m also proud to present my certificate of achievement for completing 11 days of the student blogging challenge. Now let’s […]

Growth or Fixed…A mindset reflection!

  Hello world, Throughout the past several weeks I’ve been introduced to what a growth mindset is. To show my learning I was completing a journal to show how I think of my personal mindset and reflecting on that. I went through multiple different learning check points, these learning checkpoints are similar to milestones that […]

Blogging Challenge Day 9: Holiday

This blogging challenge is about acknowledging what different holidays or family celebrations you celebrate. My main task is to complete two out of the four tasks that were represented. I chose to demonstrate ‘photo spark’ and ‘holiday poem’. The holiday that I will be focusing on will be a holiday that is probably the most […]