Argh Matey… It’s Going To Be Summative!

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I’ve recently completed a project called argh matey. The point of this project was to learn how to examine cause and consequence and use that format and develop knowledge about European exploration. The driving question for this project was “what was the impact of global exploration?”. This project consisted of four milestones and a few stepping stones. Throughout this summative blog post I will be describing all four milestones and my notes from class decisions. The reason I will be presenting all of this project’s milestones is because this is a short project (which makes these milestones very important). In addition to the four milestones I needed to understand the skill I was developing within the milestone I reached to accomplish curricular competencies. The curricular competencies for this project were ‘Analyze Cause and Consequence’ and ‘Discussing, Listening, and Speaking’. These two curricular competencies are made as an overall foundation idea for a milestone. 

The first milestone I came in contact with was called ‘Milestone 1: Analyze Cause and Consequence’. To have the content that I would be using throughout the Cause and Consequence outline I watched a movie called ‘Captain Phillips’. This movie was about Somalian pirates hijacking the ‘Maersk Alabama’. The movie’s content related to modern day piracy. Once I was familiar with the events within the movie I was able to express it within an worksheet. [insert] When I completed the Captain Philips worksheet I was able to learn more about cause and consequence is easily available in any scenario. To get more involved with what cause and consequence really is, I made a story that clearly presented an outline of cause and consequence. After making a cause and consequence based event I was able to transform it into a visual AR story. When I transformed it into an AR story I toke a video of it and explained the cause of the main event and the consequences it had from it. When I was making this video I had to keep in mind the purpose of this milestone. The purposes of this milestone were to demonstrate how I can display cause and consequence, use technology to construct my knowledge, and to display my knowledge throughout different speaking skills. These are all the curricular competencies that I felt I accomplished throughout this milestone.

(Here’s some of the video!)

The second milestone I came in contact with was called “Milestone 2: Web of Cause and Consequences”. This milestone was about demonstrating a complete understanding of how cause and consequence can be developed from past events of the European exploration. To work up to this milestone I had to gain knowledge about what the European exploration was all about and how I could apply that knowledge into a web of cause and consequences. To understand what events toke place in the Age of Exploration I toke ‘Cornell Notes’ to help me organize the information I learnt from class discussions (The reason why I toke a Cornell Note or at for my note taking is because it help me in a project called “How it started/how it’s going”) After re-reading my Cornell Notes I toke I realized that I learned many things that happened within the age of exploration.

After the note taking process I was able to start milestone 2. The actions I toke to complete milestone two was to take knowledge that I gain from my Cornell Notes and put them into a web of cause and consequences. The steps I had to take to archive my knowledge of the age of exploration were to figure out how I could represent the causes of the age of exploration then transform it into the long term consequence from the causing events. This thought process was then turned into the web of cause and consequence. The age of exploration was the base of this web and it made me think of how I can take past events and figure out the path that made everything about the event happen.


The third milestone I did was called ‘Milestone 3: Story Spine and AR objects’. This milestone was about planning how I was going to make an AR story based on the Age of Exploration. The planning point in this project was to make a story spine (which is a layout for a story) and have it fill in the blanks of what happened within the age of exploration. Once I finished my story spine I was able to do a quick sketch of the types of objects I would put into my AR scene.

In addition to milestone three I finalized the story spine and turned into an actual story. This change was the start of milestone four, ‘An AR script. Within this milestone I got feedback to improve my story to fullest. After I revised my story from the feedback I received I was able to express the socials studies 8 curricular competency throughout my writing. I felt I showed a clear demonstration of how to connect past events to a cause and consequence time line because the story was clearly represented as a journey. That’s how I feel I accomplished milestone four.

After I complete the story for my AR video I had to actually make the AR portion of the project. With my previous quick sketch of the objects, that I would place in my AR video, I was ready to do actual drawings.

Once I completed my drawings I was able to film my AR story. To make my AR story happen I used an app called AR Maker and inserted my drawings to create an Augmented reality setting. This was then posted on my new YouTube channel.

After we finished the project me and my classmates got to have a white spot Pirates Pack! Right before we ate the pirate packs we were told a few facts about pirates. I learned that some pirates were really harsh to victims. This caused me to think why pirates are the main point of kids meal even though they aren’t very kid friendly. I think that they are seen as kid friendly people because people in society try to make bad things better.

In conclusion this project has gave me lots of new information on the age of exploration. I’ve also learned new skill from the curricular competencies that I reached for throughout the project. Coming to the end of this post I would like to answer the driving question, “What was the impact of global exploration”. The answer that I’ve came to is… 

The impact of global exploration can be seen as different things throughout different people’s worldview. From my worldview I think the biggest impact of global exploration is an expressive idea. The idea is that global exploration continues to impact our world because we still continue to do it and there are still challenges that we need to face to have our resources (which is also a big portion of global exploration) and use them to our advantage to seek the world. 

That’s my answer to the driving question, would you have a different one?

-Alicia 😀

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  1. Hey Alicia! I love how thorough your blog post is! Great job on citing some of the sources. I think you did really well on this project!

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