Take Our Kids To Work Day!

What is take our kids to work day? Take Our Kids to Work Day is an event that takes place in November, where Grade 9 students across Canada spend the day at work with a parent, guardian, or an another adult. 

Personally I went to my dad’s work at his business called The Hepburn Group. The Hepburn Group entrepreneur founded advertisement agency. Being a student in PLP I was tasked to create a video that explains my work day. I was able to film an interview and different activities I did throughout the day. Enjoy…

The key points that I can take away from this experience is that being an entrepreneur is a lot work, but it does give you the freedom to do task at your own pace. From any advertisement aspect I learnt that branding is the most detailed and difficult matter to deal with when your creating an advertisement. I know this because I did some aspects of the process (which you can see in the video) and I also realized that an advertisement wouldn’t have much meaning if it was just colours on a page. 

In Conclusion, this careers assignments made me understand why we should start to choose our careers paths and why we should understand our curricular competencies. I might go down this career path or a complete different one. 

What career path do YOU want to take?

Alicia 😀 

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