About Me


I will be describing various things I enjoy to do. Within these on going points you will see that my personality will show. If you want you can take a look at my user manual post. On that note I will be stating my favourite parts of my user manual such as my warnings and settings ( this refers to me as if I was a piece of technology ) Enjoy!

Things about me are:

1- I love sports such as hockey, softball, skateboarding, and karate 

2- I’m a drummer and I love to listen to old school music such as blonde and white stripes

3- I am a friend and I love to help people. I can also be a very energetic person (which can be a great thing)

 Now I also have some downfalls:

Warnings ⚠️

If I were a piece of technology I may…

  • go to Tired Tortoise mode right after she get wet. It’s a weird thing but she will get really annoyed if she gets her clothes wet when she doesn’t want them to be wet 
  • have a kicking reflex. If you ever come to greet Alicia from behind she will have a reflex and might kick your head clean off, so be careful!
  • go completely hyper if she has too much sugar or has too much fun. If this ever happens grab anything that you think can harm you because Alicia will randomly pick it up and start wildly swinging it around
  • become a fast and furious geek. You would think this is fine but really it’s not because she will ramble about the fast and furious movie franchise forever and it will get very annoying to anyone standing near her, if this happens you can listen or do the smart thing and wait somewhere else until she clams down

I like to have good respect from other people to produce my best self and people can help me produce my best self by these ideas:

  • fuel with sushi, crackers, and lollipops
  • remember what her three modes are because they will start to show
  • be kind and friendly to her and she will do the same to you
  • have a conversation to her about activities you like to do because there just might be something in you have in common with her

Going back to the things that describe me best…

4- I’m a person who loves to learn new things because I feel that when I learn things my mind will expand its creativity.

5- something that is great to describe me is that I can devote my live to cars and movies. The reason is that I am totally in love with the fast and furious movie franchise.

6- I am a hard core pet lover. Pets give me an extra boost of energy when ever I’m in tired Tortoise mode. Pets are just amazing animals because that make I happy even if I’m sad.

 7- I admire the book series called Keeper Of The Lost Cites. These books make me feel like I’m a part of another world. The world can also give me creative insight.

Since I’ve been talking about tired tortoise mode I will give you a more clear idea of what it is. I’ll show you the portions of my user manual that my tired Tortoise setting is in.

Setting 3: Tired Tortoise ( again I’m still a human )

  In this mode Alicia will be super tired probably because she stayed up too late and if you want anything from her she might just groan. During this terrible mode don’t ask Alicia for things, if  you want to ask her for things do it when she is in friend mode, definitely not when she is in tired tortoise mode. Remember if you ever see Alicia in this mode it will probably get less intense through out the day. The last thing you should know about this mode is that Alicia will be forgetful in this annoying mode, she will probably go on a limb and have a bunch of brain farts ( brain farts=forgetfulness ).

That is an representation of me. Please enjoy your self on my blog I will be posting more content.

-Alicia 😀