Videos, They’re Very Vibrant!

Hello! Have you ever wonder how vibrant your personality is? Your about to find out in this post! (Just kidding, anyways continuing…) This blog post is about a short, Maker 9, project I’ve completed called Vibrant Video. The goal of this project was a to develop skills to become an effective movie maker. As I […]

Become Effective Not Subjective

Hello! This blog post will be about a new Maker 9 project called ‘Believe in Good’. Within this project we were tasked with reading a book called The 7 habits By Stephen Covey or a connecting book targeted towards teens called 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Teen by Sean Covey. I read the teen […]

A Destination Imagination Journey!

Hello world, Throughout these past weeks If been working on a challenge from the program called ‘Destination Imagination’ (or called D.I.). You are probably wondering “What is Destination Imagination?”. Destination Imagination is an organization that constructs out of the box challenges to twist minds of a variety of students worldwide. The main point of Destination […]