My Never-Ending Group Project II

After our last adventure in Destination Imagination, I was kind of worried for the Destination Imagination Provincials. We knew we had a lot of things to fix, and other things to work on. So we got on it.

We ended up completely redoing our set, our spectacle, and tweaking pretty much everything else. But we worked hard, and really got things done.

This performance, more than any of the other ones, had a lot more to do with logistics. April 7th, the day of the performance, was also the day we left for Encounters With Canada in Ottawa. That made everything more complicated. I had to carry my suitcase around with me everywhere.

We had to make sure all of our stuff was easily transported, because after our challenges were over, we had to leave for the airport. We made the set collapsible, and fit all of our props into one box, except one big thing. Anyways….

This time around, the Provincial tournament took place at Johnston Heights Secondary School, in Surrey. So, as fore mentioned, transportation was a big deal. Also, we didn’t have any idea of where exactly we were presenting. So in planning, we just had to go with the dimensions that the official challenge book gave us (8ft x 10ft).

On the day of the tournament, the school was packed. 95 teams, from BC, Alberta and the Yukon. We had to set up our stuff in a hallway. And then, we waited.

Our presentations were all early in the day, because we had an early-ish flight. For our team, our instant challenge was early, at 9:30. We’re not supposed to talk about what we did during the instant challenge, but I can say how it was, if that makes any sense. We did good, and worked together well as a team. I think that’s one of the best ICs we’ve done as a team.

Our central challenge was at 12:50, so we had some time to kill. We watched several other Fine Arts performances, including ‘Basically G.O.A.T.’, our grade 8 Fine Arts team. Lots of them were very good, and it was nice to see some of the competition.

When it finally came down to our performance, we were all super anxious. It was a pain to get our set down to our presentation area, but we got it done. And our presentation actually worked! We had no utter failures, no missed lines, it was awesome!

As a group, I think we learned a lot. I learned how much you can get done, in a short period of time, if you really put your mind to it. I also came to the realization that group work can be fun, if everyone tries their hardest. I can very much wait till next year though.




I told you it never ends.

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