3x^2 + 7xy – 4d^5s^8 + 9 + 8cx^6

For math in grade nine, we learn about polynomials. Then, because were in PLP, we had to make a project about it. This blog post will be explaining what we did for this. 

Polynomials are expressions (meaning no equals sign), with real numbers and variables. They use addition and subtraction. An example of a polynomial is: 2s + 4d^3 – 6gd

In this project, we also learned about like terms. Like terms are terms that contain the same variables raised to the same power. These can be combined to simplify equations. For example: 4c^4 + 2d + 6d would become 4c^4 + 8d

To demonstrate our learning of this, we had to create projects. There were no real constraints for the project, so people’s were very different. I worked with Luca OG. We decided to show how polynomials are used in architecture. We made our presentation on keynote. Here it is:

Presentation 12-1nsppkj

Because most of the presentation was speaking, I’ll give a brief overview. In architecture, polynomials and like terms are used a lot. We chose to focus on floor plans. In floor plans, polynomials are used to show the dimensions of a room, and the entire building. 

I learned a lot from this project. First of all, I learned about working with people I don’t usually work with. We played to each other’s strengths, which was good. I also learned how sometimes, in a project, constraints are good. If you don’t have a lot of criteria, it is sometimes hard for the teacher to convey what they are hoping for in a project, then are dissatisfied with the results. It was a fun project though.

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