Reflection on my power points (humanities)

In this sector we were supposed to make two keynote presentations, one on the Middle Ages and its  feudal system, and the other about the crusades. I think that my presentations were  thorough and could teach people about the Middle Ages and the crusades. Press here to see my Middle ages presentation

Click here⬆️to see my crusades presentation

I know this because my peers and teachers stated this and i overall, think i did a good job since many parts of my presentations were simple and easy to read.

Questions I still have:

When and why did humans stop using the feudal system?

What happened after the feudal system? (What was the power structure like instead?)

Why did the feudal system stop being used?

Did life return back to normal after the last crusade? Or was there a difference in how people lived (with many things destroyed like houses.)

The driving question: 

How did the power structure of the time period affect the different groups of people?

The feudal system:

Peasants would have terrible lives just working, but the king and the elites would be living their best privileged lives.The peasants where the ones paying taxes even though they had no money. They would also need to pay taxes to the church and the church did not need to pay any taxes. Since the peasants had no power they would not have any land of their own, they would need to work all day. Their life condition was terrible with diseases every were. 

The crusades:

When the crusades began the pope (Urban 11), made a speech to the knights and peasants. He said that if you joined the crusade all your sins would be forgiven and you would find paradise. Of course they agreed to join because they believed him. Since most of the peasants and knights when off to battle, the nobles and barons had less peasants and workers to handle the crops. That resulted in a shortage of food that occurred and many peasants and they would starve. With the loss of many loved ones life was hard for many. The crusades left over 5 million people dead.

-To get these answers I learnt about different group’s of people and how their lives were affected by the feudal system, and crusades at the time.

To show I have learnt from this, I have evidence from my power point and my reflection. I think other teenagers can learn from my power point by how I have formatted my information.

When we started learning about the crusades I found that I understood the Middle Ages information more than the crusades. Later when I started to work on my crusades presentation I found that I understood it better when I was teaching the information.

-I definitely know more about the crusades now, than I did before (since I didn’t even know what the crusades where.) I can definitely take away allot of important information.

-I now have so much new information to take away from these projects, this has helped me learn a lot more about history and its historical significance.

-What learnt could maybe lead to another project like learning about the renaissance(-;

To get all this information that I have learned, I was taught by: Textbooks, Videos, PowerPoints, and of course, my teacher.

All the new information I learned helped me answer the driving question because I had so much information to write down. I learnt a lot from these projects.

These new skills that I have learnt can be helpful for future classes and my knowledge on other subjects that relate to similar topics like the renaissance.


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