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This is my MPOL something non PLP learners would be confused by. MPOL stands for midway presentation of learning. We do this instead of parent teacher conferences which instead of rushed five minute talks about my learning. I will present a blog reflection that i am making about the learning i have done this year.

In my mPOL I am going to be talking about my learning experience in PLP.

Our Driving Questions:

  • How have i demonstrated my growth as a learner so far this year?
  • I have definitely improved this year and I know that by looking at my first few assignments 
  • How can i sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year? I am going to change my learning plan in humanities because as. A learner, I think I might want to change my learning goal in humanities to get a 🌈 instead of a sun, because I think I would rather get revisions giving feedback on how to get rainbows instead so I can extend my learning to the peak of its abilities this way I can be happier with the results of my grades.

Circular competences:

Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Oral Communication, Quantitative Literacy, and Written Communication.

Core competences:


Skills I have improved on that I can continue to develop:


I have improved on my writing skills allot this year and I would like to continue to develop my writing to its full and best potential. I can achieve this by using my curricular competences like creative thinking and literacy.


I have meet many new people in PLP thanks to the random seating plans! This has helped me get to know more people by developing and expanding my communication. And this helps me get to collaborate with different people!

Before We started using the seating plans I Barely knew anyone’s names. I would like to expand my knowledge in communication with other people from PLP that I don’t know as well, in the future!I have used my core competences like my communication, and collaboration.

What does my work in PLP reveal about me as a learner?

I would like to say that I am quite Creative and I say this because I love art and I love thinking outside of the box. some evidence to this would be for example my Pandora’s box for the winter exhibition many people that I presented to said I was very creative and they loved my detailed boxes! the work we have done maybe hasn’t shown that yet but my creativity really forms when we are doing crafty projects like the Pandora’s box.

I would love to do more projects like this in the future since I find that they are super fun and exciting to make!

Projects like this help me explore both my circular and core competencies like, creativity, and creative thinking.

Revisions and critique:

I have gotten a few revisions this year but I am happy I did! Revisions and critiques to my work from both peers and teachers has helped me improve my work to its full potential. Without my revisions I wouldn’t be able to get the grades I was reaching for this year.

An example of why feedback is so important is because when i was making my mPOL i got feedback on what i was doing wrong that i could improve by talking less about what the project was and more on my learning plan. I grew by using curricular and core competence and i took that feedback i got and used it to improve on this.

Here was my learning plan!

To break down my learning  lets start off with maker!


In maker my learning goal was to get 🌈’s

(Which I achieved)

In maker we have done a total of 12 assignments/projects. 

Some of these key projects i did in maker that has showed my growth in these following projects.

User Guide

My user guide was the first writing project I did in maker I am proud of this because I got a 🌈 and my teacher liked it . Some of the skills I developed while doing this were writing on a professional and organized format and peer critique. I also explored my circular competences like, Quantitative Literacy, and Written Communication.

Big Life Journal

I loved this project because I got to plan out my future and write about my passions. This let me expand my knowledge about myself and I was able to be creative by writing and drawing. I also feel like I got more in depth with my passions and realized why i love them so much.

This helped me with my writing skills and my creativity (using both core and curricular competencies)


Making Interesting Images

For this assignment we were working on taking different images using new skills on our iPad. I learnt allot of different ways to make my images better and I had fun learning and participating in this project! Using the markup skill shows how different people see our world and and vision the surroundings around us. This shows our perspective of the world because I might see things/draw stuff differently then one of my peers would, and that’s what makes us unique! this also might tell about you about me as a learner depending on how unique and different my drawings are.

Some skills i can take away from this that I didn’t already know were lighting and exposure, different angles and perspectives, markup on my images, silhouettes and more! 

I explored both my curricular competences as well as my core comediennes like, creative thinking as well as my critical thinking during the span of this project.

if you want to see what this project looked like you can check out my post/reflection on it!

Pandora’s Box 

This project was our first exhibition it helped me improve my circular competences and core competences by presenting, communicating, socializing and learning new things about PLP and other projects. I made two boxes for the exhibition based on the movie avatar. One box I made was showing our polluted and destroyed planet in the future, and humans heading over to my other box ( the one representing pandora) trying to take over pandora like they did in the movie.

Doing this project helped me be more confident in presenting to strangers since it was my fist time doing so. This project will help me be prepared for our next exhibition in the spring.(that I am very excited about!)

If you are interested in wanting to see my reflection on this project you can find my blog post on it!


For humanities my learning goal was to get ☀️’s(which I did achieve but I would like to change that goal to a rainbow 🌈)

In humanities I have done 11 Assignments/projects overall but I will just show some that I think have best represented my growth as a learner.

The outsiders

A project I am least proud of this year is probably my outsiders novel reading roles journal the reason I think this is because I was just learning how to use my iPad properly and I did not put as much effort in this project as I did with my other projects. I also think I could have done much better in this if I had organized the due dates better, and put more effort into my writing.

I also got a couple revisions on some of my roles because, I was talking with mr. Harris and he asked me if I thought I could improve or revise any of my roles. I said a couple things I could focus on to improve and he said it was great that i was aware of improvements i could make. Overall this project did help me with my skills as a learner like, writing and communication with peers.

here was our final book cover:

Middle Ages slideshow

I found the humanities sector about the Middle Ages really interesting because at the start I thought I didn’t know any thing about the Middle Ages but I soon learnt so much new knolage about this topic that I didn’t before i could also make connections with what i was learning to prior knowledge. Overall for this project I think it was really fun and I have a lot of interesting information to take away from this project. I got a couple revisions that I fixed and after I got an ☀️.

Crusades slideshow

This was the third keystone to our humanities (leading on from the Middle Ages) 

Since this was my second power point I had a bit more experience and knolage to put into my second one so I think I did better on this one because I got a 🌈, which I am really happy about!

Both these projects helped me with my competencies for example, WRITING SKILLS, CITIZENSHIP AND CONNECTIVITY FOR THE FUTURE EDUCATION.

If you are interested to see my reflections on these power points you can check out my blog post on that.

Keystone#1 world view and mind note 

This assignment is a good example of how i have improved as a learner, and how far I have come with my writing skills, understanding, and dedication to PLP.

I fell like at the start of the year I wasn’t dedicating my learning as much as I am now at the start of the year. I think this because I was still working like I was in elementary school and I think now I could have done a better job in this project so my work could reach the peak of its ability.


PLP has been really fun for me and I would like to continue to do this next year. I think that I have improved a lot as a learner and I have improved with my writing skills especially. I would like to keep getting better at everything I have improved on.

PLP has helped me be more creative and it has helped me meet many new people overall, I think that I have done a good job reaching my learning plan this year. Thank you for reading about my mPOL !

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