🦠small but mighty💪

💪Small but mighty!🦠


Our fist science semester this year has been super fun and new for me!

Throughout this semester I was able to experience new ways of learning, from microscopes to learning about our immune system. During this time I have stretched my thinking to look more in depth with everything around us. A good example of this was when I swabbed my iPad and noticed how much bacteria was on it! (Which I talk about more later). During the timeline of this project I have learnt many new things. One of my favourite parts was looking at random things under a microscope! It was super interesting for me sinceI had never done anything like that before!

To start off at our fist keystone we begin with using microscopes to look at pond water and other things we find outdoors and in class, but we later moved on to harvesting bacteria from surfaces in our school with Petri dishes!

To do this we would swab a surface of our school and then rub it on a Petri dish next we would tape it up and make observations as time goes by. I decided to swab my iPad screen as well as the door handle to our classroom.

Throughout this keystone we would document/record about it in our feild journal (which has more information about our experiment!)

Here is my field journal! ⤵️

For our next keystone we used the information we learned about pathogens and different cells in our immune system that helps us fight them off! Our job was to make characters based on the cells we learned about. To make these I drew sea animals based on different cells using procreate, and this was my final product:

I am super happy with the result and this might be my favourite activity we did!

In this next keystone we were learning more about vaccines, anti vaccinators, bias opinions, and why people avoid getting the vaccine. Our job was to make a poster with a friend and bust a myth about reason to avoid the vaccine.

here was the poster we made:

I also wrote this about bias opinions to connect to this.

I am overall proud of the finished product, and to make this we used the app Canva for the format! If i were to do this again I would use a different myth like, “why do people think the government put micro chips in vaccines?”

Speaking of posters we also made a second heath poster for kids based on vaccines! (Individually)

This was our final keystone to combine everything we learnt this team!

In this poster we were also required to add a drawing from a kinder gardener of bacteria/pathogens.

This was super fun to make because we had allot of freedom in making this and it let us be creative and use our imagination. I also used Canva for the format because I started making my fist draft on pages and I really wasn’t proud of it. So my friend helped me use Canva, and now I am super happy with the result!

Overall this project has helped me stretch my thinking and it has helped me learn about things like Bactria, pathogens, vaccines microscopes and more! I can’t wait to learn more in science after spring break!

Bye for now


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