Consequences of colonization!

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During these past few months me and my class have been focusing on colonization and how it has affected different groups of people. In the beginning, we had a couple options on different groups that we could focus on. Our options were the fille de roi (the group I chose )which were women from France that immigrated to Canada, Indigenous the to Canada, but had many things taken away from them, because of the Europeans, The missionaries, who took everything from the indigenous, and try to spread the religion of Christianity, wealthy men, which came to Canada for trading and new opportunities, and poor men who were used for labor, and also saw new opportunities in Canada.

Overall, all these groups had different perspectives on Canada and it’s colonization.

For this project, our driving question for this was; What did European settlement mean for all involved?

To answer our driving question, we worked on these following keystones to find an answer tour question. I learned that there were many different perspectives on colonization and that colonization meant different things for different groups of people.

the group I was studying was The Fille De Roi, the Fille De Roi were young unmarried women who immigrated to new France between 1663 and 1673. They were sponsored by the king and were usually poor orphans with no future in France. Around 800 women from France were sent to Canada for a better life and more opportunities.


For our first keystone, our job is to learn a bit about the group we chose to learn about.
and after a bit of research to show our learning, our task was to fill out the sheet.👇


This was a great way for me to learn about the group I was focussing on, and help me understand their world view on colonization before and after coming to Canada. It also helped me understand more what this project was going to be about.


For keystone 2  we were working on a paragraph outline.

After Keystone 1, we were put into groups with people that were studying the other groups of people so you could learn a bit more about the other groups. This was also a good chance for us to look at different world views during colonization.


I think I did a pretty good job with this because I got an 🌈(“a”)and this was a good way to sum up everything I learned about these different groups of people and their perspective.



For Keystone three basically all we did was make a summary of the group you were focussing on so our group could make a short video. We were also supposed to draw a something that we thought represented the group you were focussing on.

Then we made it all into a video in an app called AR Makr.

😬I can’t show the final video because it’s too long to add into my blog😬

I think this turned out OK if I would’ve done it again I would’ve not rushed as much and talked a bit louder. I also think me and my group could’ve been more productive working on it.

One major thing I also learned about was the beaver pelt industry, and how it has had a big impact on Canada and its growth. I found this actually really interesting when we were doing a paragraph on a symbol that we think represents Canada and I chose beavers. This actually taught me a lot about the beaver pelt industry even before we started learning about it, I’m actually really proud of this paragraph and I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done throughout this project.

if you want to take a look, I have the QR code here👇


In conclusion, I have learned a lot more about the impacts from colonization, as well as the different perspectives on different groups of people.

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