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Canoes, Peach Juice, and Italy: A Loon Lake Advance

Hello Lovely Readers, and welcome back to another bog post. On April 4, the PLP 10 cohort (my classmates and I) went on a trip. And not just any trip. An advance.

Yes, that’s right. In PLP, we never retreat, only advance.

Loon Lake Lodge was overtaken by 21 grade 10 students for four days. We worked on goals, teamwork, Jeopardy! canoeing, archery, and so much more.

Over the course of our trip, we spent a lot of time creating goals. Our goals had to be SMART, and we had to show specific evidence of ourselves completing our goals. We were also working with an accountability partner; someone who’s job it was to remind each other to focus on your goal, and redirect you when you were not applying yourself. My accountability partner was Randy!

My goal for Loon Lake was to prioritize self-regulating my self-doubt around personal and group achievements, and working on my “able” mindset.

Basically, I am a perfectionist, and I need to learn how to FAIL (first attempt in learning), and consider my failure as an accomplishment in its own right. I really struggle with allowing myself to accept both failures and successes. I am constantly wondering whether or not I could have done better, and whether my work is up to the caliber that I know my peers, teachers, and I expect. Especially this year, I have started to realize that holding myself to extremely high standards is not sustainable or healthy, and allowing myself to fail is a skill that will benefit me more in the future than pushing myself to my breaking point.

Alongside our goals, we created a book to show evidence of our goal being put into practice. Here are some of my favourite pages from my book!

We did do a lot of ‘classroom style’ learning on this trip, but we also did a lot of activities and had a lot of new learning experiences. You can check out my daily recap, and/or watch my highlights video!

Loon Lake Daily Recap


Overall, Loon Lake was a trip that allowed me to take risks, focus on personal achievements, re-evaluate my understanding of being ready, and it truly allowed me to expand my paradigm. I have made incredible memories on this trip, and I am so grateful that we were able to go on a field study this year.

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