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Round Pegs in Square Holes….And Other Crazy Things

Hello Lovely Readers, and welcome back to another blog post? Are you ready to Think Different?

In our most recent project, we were challenged to define a changemaker; essentially someone who thought different about the world around them, and used that thinking to make an impact in our community.

In all of our projects, a big question that we ask ourselves is “Why are we learning this?”

So, why are we learning this? Why should we care who has made an impact in our community?

Throughout history we have seen the ‘crazy ones’. As the Apple ad says, these are the “square pegs in the round holes”, the ones we can’t ignore, because they are the ones who change the world. In this project, we learned about crazy makers through different forms of media, and came up with our own definition of a crazy one, and then applied that identification to our own community. We then created a portrait of our chosen community impact maker to teach others about the impact makers in our community.

We needed to establish what exactly is a community impact maker, and so we turned to media. We watched both Schindler’s List and Erin Brockovich, and took notes on each of those. We had to answer different questions each time.

For Schindler’s List, our focus was, “Is Schindler a Crazy One?”

For Erin Brockovich, our focus was, “What Drives Her To Make Change?”

The films that we watched helped me connect the idea of a Change Maker to real life, and I also learned a lot about some really interesting people.

For this project, we had to make a portrait of our chosen community impact maker. I chose Megan Curren, who is one of the District Councillors of North Vancouver. Megan has a big focus on environmental activism, and so I decided to make my portrait out of entirely recycled materials.

In my portrait, Megan’s shirt and the background are made out of recycled plastic bags that I crocheted together. Her face and her hair are made out of recycled paper scraps.

In the end, it was really rewarding to see Megan at the exhibition. I am inspired by her persistance and the message that she brings to the District Council.

This project showed me the change that has been made in my community by “normal” people. All of the stories of Change Makers that I have heard throughout this project have influenced me to make change in my community.

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