In the ideal world, everyone gets their voice in the decisions of your country. Decisions are made from what everyone wants, and no majority is going ever to be displeased. Real-world democracy is a much more significant problem. Trying to find balance and electing people to represent you is a whole new issue. Canada’s voting system is, by nature, FLAWED, and it is not going to change anytime soon despite the prior promises.

The voting process is easy and should be done by everyone, but the back-end structure is anything but that. With different levels, rules and a biased voting system, it can all get confusing. Our voting system is only as good as our education. So make your vote matter by informing yourself on the candidates, what they stand for and how the first past the post system works.

“Voting in an election is a skill, not a random intuition” – Socrates

Canada needs change, and you need someone to vote for. And we can be that change to better Canada. We all agree that voting and, by extension, democracy is good, but our system has not changed since implementing the First Past the Post system. We genuinely believe that the only way we can move forward for a better future is by taking radical actions with the support/willingness of the government and the everyday person.

However, while we were representing the same party, not all our opinions were the same and would differ from topic to topic. It’s intuitive to think that our values are part of our identity and everyone’s values are different, but having candidates with their takes of the party principles, adds another level of complexity.

Governing a country isn’t easy. And even making decisions within a party is challenging to say the least. Reflecting on the real world, everyone had their ideas and planned to make Canada better, but we couldn’t include everything. We have to value our principles and, most importantly, focus on the future.

Voting within our group was a deciding factor when it came to the acts we would enforce. Challenges and arguments were minimized due to respect for each other’s ideas and good chemistry within our group.

We are the future, representing you for decades to come. We want to put in measures to set up Canada’s environment and economy to prosper for years. So we introduce to you; the Future Party of Canada featuring Matthew Telford, Holly Robinson, Gabe Altomare and Julia Cree.

Focusing on a broader topic, we entice many citizens to read more about our campaign and build up a following. Using buzz words to catch the audience’s attention and make them watch the entirety of the video. 

We wanted to highlight all the current problems that show that the current government has not done enough. People see issues in 2 dimensions, and we want to make people believe that the liberal party has not done enough and is, therefore, the result of our situation. By creating plans based on pre-existing real-world examples, we have a solid understanding of the steps needed to achieve our goals.

And yet, we only scraped the surface of the various decisions we would need to address. The environment and economy, though they are essential, are not everything in government responsibilities. 

Contrary to the liberal party ad, we focused on what needs to be better rather than how Canada is already great. Making people feel uneasy about the liberal party’s competence and promising an economic boost that will last and prosper, we would draw off the votes for the two major parties into our following. The future is always challenging for people to imagine and is not a selling point of any party. By showing a skeptical look at the end with our current trajectory, make people feel guilty or saddened despite not being the route cause. We want to deflect those emotions towards voting to make a change or be a part of the problem and have lingering spite towards our current government. Our goal was to show a worse, more realistic side of Canada and convince people that the best choice is to vote for us.

Images represent what we want to change or add. Everything was done for a reason — our imagery and camera angles were planned meticulously, and we accomplished all the goals we set for ourselves. Storyboards and screenplays made editing a lot easier and reduced creative planning time while editing much lower. Mimicking an interview close-up and wide shot, we wanted the feeling of realism and how we genuinely care for our actions. Accomplishing the ‘Political Ad’ style, I feel we elevated our script to new heights.

The government like everything else is a business trying to compete, one up and undercut the competitors. Using my values and incorporating my group members’ values to govern ourselves proved to be difficult but a fun challenge. The purpose of the project not only helped us create a party based on our values but the goal in the end is to be an educated citizen to contribute to a better society and participate in all the upcoming elections. And maybe we can finally have our ideal election system.