Hope is the optimism that inspires people and helps them overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The distant light at the end of the tunnel. Hope allows you to look forward to your situation, but it can help you recover as well.

Everyone needs hope, but not everyone has it.

There are many events where hope can be lost or gained, including terrorist attacks, losing someone, and, more recently, Covid. 

Everyone has a story, but what makes it a story of hope is that it emphasizes the possibility of a positive outcome, despite challenging circumstances or setbacks. In class, we read four stories, each focusing on a time of challenge: hope, resilience, survival and adversity.


Resilience is the key to unlocking success in life, but can anyone learn this essential trait and overcome challenges? Resilience is the force that helps us bounce back from failure and grow from facing adversities. The same force that helps us overcome challenges and live more fulfilling lives. 

Resilience allows individuals to face and overcome adversity in all aspects of their lives, enabling them to grow and thrive in the face of challenges rather than sink and fail. It allows


Melanie Greenberg’s article “Can a Devastating Shark Attack Really Lead to a Better Life?” is not about the science or description of how the attack happened, but instead, it tackles how she coped with this traumatic experience and grew from this experience.

While surviving a shark attack is rare, the lessons from this event are universal everywhere. From losing a loved one to facing death’s door, escaping death’s grip will lead to a stronger, more resilient person. By cultivating resilience and a growth mindset, we can learn to navigate through difficult times and emerge stronger on the other side.



Whether you have had a lot or little adversity, it’s a universal experience that can deeply impact anyone’s life. Pamela Weintraub’s article “The New Survivors,” tells the stories of people who have faced extreme adversity and come out stronger.

Adversity can be overwhelming and challenging, but it can also be an opportunity for growth and personal development. By developing a growth mindset and seeking support, anyone can navigate through adversity.