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Hi everyone! Today on my blog I will be telling you about about my latest Maker project about goals and moviemaking skills. 

I suggest that you read from the bottom and make your way up, because I thought it would be something different to try!

Friday, November 4

W.I.N. time

Time to catch up and get some stuff done

📥finish editing video and submit to Showbie as a public Youtube link 

Finish editing my final video

📥begin reflective learning portfolio post – due Monday, November 7th 

Screening party of our Vibrant Videos! 🎉

Thursday, November 3 

✏️ Film and edit your video for Skill 3: Planning and Shooting

Our tutorial video was about how to stay on track. I used my video skills to make this video better because I used angles, as that represented the main character’s feelings

🎯Goal: have your video FINISHED and SUBMITTED by the end of the block! 

Wednesday, November 2 

Take your kid to work day!!! Lonely day! 

Tuesday, November 1

🧑‍🏫Introduce Skill 3: Planning and Shooting

working in random groups of 3 or 4 

✏️begin planning, decide what you want to cover in the tutorial video! 

 We were going to make a tutorial video, and we made a storyboard for what we were going to make.

🎯Goal: have a storyboard, logline, and treatment for your video by the end of class today

Monday, October 31 


Bus clean up! 

🧑‍🏫 Revisit storyboarding 

✏️ Loglines and treatments 

We learned about what loglines and treatments were

🧑‍🏫 Planning and Shooting

Introduce Skill 3: Planning and Shooting

Friday, October 28 (Short Class 10:10 – 11:04)

✏️ Part 4: Stay on Track!

We learned how to stay on track

🔁 W.I.N Time

✏️ How might I use Video Skills to Tell my Story?

Thursday, October 27 (Short Class 10:10 – 11:04)

✏️ Vibrant Video Skills

Individual Self-Assessment of Power of Geography Video

Any changes you could make?

📥 Goal Ladder Self-Assessment

Thursday Oct. 20 – Wednesday Oct. 26

✏️ Power of Geography Exhibition Prep!

Wednesday, October 19

✏️ StoryboardingTest your skills!

We made a storyboard about some movies, like the wizard of Oz, and the new avatar 2 trailer

✏️ Work on editing videos for Humanities book using your skills from Vibrant Videos

Done? Storyboard your Alberta Ghost Town Video OR Work on your Goal Ladder!

📥 Goal Ladders due Thursday, Oct. 20 to Showbie

Tuesday, October 18

👩‍🏫 What is a storyboard? via Learning Guide for Moving Images

We learned what a storyboard was. A storyboard is a group of media to show what a story would look like

Monday, October 

📖 From Not-so-SMART to SMART

We learned how to make not smart goals smart. A smart goal uses the SMART (specific, measurable, etc.) criteria.

🏠  Your Top Five! Be prepared to create a Goal Ladder tomorrow!

We made a goal ladder about how we are going to achieve a long term goal.

Look up good universities before midway through grade 10

Study hard through school and get straight A’s

Apply to all of above universities that I looked up in grade 10 in grade 11

Prepare for the interviews

Make a resume by midway through grade 11

Get accepted (hopefully)

Go to post secondary at a good university and the prerequisites so that I can apply to medical school by the end of grade 12

Friday, October 14

🧑‍🏫 Revisit  Skill 2: Framing Shots and Developing Angles, criteria and example

✏️ Finish planning  Video #2 – Shots and Angles in groups, show evidence of planning to teachers!

Video link

✏️ Begin filming video in groups (must check in with teachers)

✏️ Begin editing video in groups

We made a video about achieving a goal from our goal getter stories that we shared. My group used Magnus’s story 

Thursday, October 13

✏️  Share your Goal Getter Story

We shared our goal getter story. Here’s mine!

A few weeks ago, I really wanted to win Intermediate Men in a CX race. I really wanted to win, and I knew the race would be very competitive. I recently got a new portable bike trainer, where I could warm up for my race wherever, I didn’t need a hill, and it is the same every time. This was my first race where I used this trainer, and it worked perfectly. I had a great start to the race, and I was in first for most of the race, with about a 10 second gap. But with around 5 laps to go (half way through the race), the second group caught me with 3 riders. At 4 laps to go, we dropped one of the riders, and at 2, we dropped another one because he crashed out trying to pass me. For the last 1.5 laps, me and somebody else were really going for it, until I finally pulled it off, got a gap on him in the technical section, and won the race. These people I was racing against had more power than me, but I had to use my skill and tactics to win. I had really wanted to win the race, and with the right preparation, tactics, and drive to win, I won.

Wednesday, October 12

🧑‍🏫 Short and Long Term Goals

We learned the difference between short and long-term goals. Short-term goals are goals you want to achieve in the next month, whereas long-term goals are goals that you want to achieve in a year or more.

📺 Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals

We learned about SMART goals, and why they are better than not so smart goals. Smart goals are smart because they are:

Specific – the more specific the goal, the easier it will be to achieve it

Measurable – be measurable

Actionable – you know what to do when you write down your goals

Relatable – can your goal be accomplished in your life?

Time-Bound – set a deadline to accomplish the goal

Evaluate – your progress so that you think about your goals

Reward – you should reward yourself to celebrate your milestones

These goals are SMART-ER!

🏠 Add to your Goal Tracker. Write Your OWN Goal Getter Story (1-2 paragraphs)

We wrote a story about when we achieved a goal that we really wanted to achieve

Tuesday, October 11

🧑‍🏫 Flash Back: Part 1 Making a Goal Tracker

We started making a goal tracker

Friday, October 7

🧑‍🏫 Movie History Notes continued

We made more notes about movie history.

📥 Video 1 – What Inspires Me Clips Video DUE to Showbie Tuesday, Oct. 11 9AM
We made a clips video about what inspires me 

Thursday, October 6

✏️ Film, Movie, Cinema, Video

We differentiated film from cinema from video from movie. A movie is a video produced by large companies. A film is a smaller version of a movie. A cinema is where you go to watch movies. A video is a moving picture.

🧑‍🏫 Movie History Notes

We made notes while learning about movie history

Tuesday, October 4

Twenty by Twenty

We made a list of twenty things we wanted to do by the time we were 20 years old


I circled 5 values from a form that I thought represented me the most

Monday, October 3

✏️ Norms Presentation + Discussion

We made our norms posters a few weeks ago, and we discussed and presented our poster to the rest of PLP 9

✏️ Introduction Write: What do you Want?

We wrote about what we really want.

I enjoy cycling and (almost) all forms of cycling. My favourite type of cycling is cyclocross. Cyclocross is about cycling on a short circuit, multiple times. There are tight corners, obstacles like barriers, mud, sand, run-ups, and so much more. I just like putting out a lot of effort for a long period of time and putting all of my determination into a sport of skill that makes me grow.

👩‍🏫 Part 1: Why Goals Matter

Goals matter because they can help you achieve your dreams, and help you find out what you really want.

✏️ The Top 10 Reasons

Thanks for reading my latest blog, and I will see you soon!

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