World War 1 was one of the largest and deadliest wars in history. For our project, we were looking at how the war affected Canadians and how Canadians impacted the war. Our driving question for this project was “how can exploring stories and text help us understand the impact of WW1 on Canada’s identity?” Along with trying to solve this question, we had to complete a series of milestones to help us get closer to answering the question. Our final milestone involved the class all doing there own World War 1 story and putting it together into a book. I’m going to talk about the major parts of this project and times where I succeeded and times where I struggled.

What I Did Well On: Milestone 5

With this project, I thought that I did the best with my part for the final milestone which was our PLP WW1 story. For my topic, I decided to choose the Assassination Of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Along with that, we also had to pick a Canadian soldier of our choice. The soldier that I chose was my great grandfather. Overall, I think that I did very well with this milestone because I learned a lot about collecting, organizing, and formatting information. This part of our project required a lot of research which meant I had to do a lot of research from many different cites. After I collected all of the information, I organized it on a document. I then started to lay out all of the information, organized it, and formatted it nicely for my part of the book. Overall, I’m proud of my final product and I’m glad I learned some new skills.

Click here to read our PLP WW1 Stories Booklet!

What I Struggled With: Milestone 4

I don’t think I struggled with much through this project. One thing  I need to get better at though is sharing more in groups. When we had our weekly book chats, I feel like I could have contributed more to the conversation. I always shared my work and what I created each week for the book chat, but I felt like I could have talked more about what I thought about that section of the book. I think that I need to consider this for future group discussions.


What Im Proud Of: Milestone 5 

I’m proud of what I completed for my part of the World War 1 book. I think I did a really good job of telling the story and describing everything that happened with the Archduke Ferdinand. I started with an introduction to the topic that led to the characters being explained and carried on from there. I wanted my part of the book to be easy to understand and follow. I think that way that I described it not only taught you something, but it taught  you in a way that was fun. Along with that, I’m also proud of the formatting that I did. I thought that I have a good amount of information and a variety of photos all formatted in good places.  This helped with making my part of the book look more professional which I’m proud of.

What Skills Did I Explore The Most: Milestone 3

Like I said before, I think I learned a lot about how to properly research and organize information. For the book, we needed a lot of different paragraphs and research to tell the story of our topic. I learned a skill that I never knew about before this project. What I learned was that if you had a lot of information to organize, just start typing information out. After I got all of my information on a document, I started to form my different paragraphs for my book. I’m glad that I learned about this skill because I can see in coming to use with the future project when I need to document lots of information.

What Did I Enjoy Learning About: Milestone 5

With my part of the story, not only did I enjoy learning about the story of the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, but I also enjoyed learning about my soldier. The soldier that I chose was my great-grandpa. I didn’t know that I had a family member that fought in the war until this project. It was really interesting asking
my family members about my great-grandpa and what his part was in the war. I was also able to find information such as war documents online about him. I found it very informative about his such as his role in the war was to load cannons. I also found out he joined the military missing his second and third fingers on his right hand. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to learn more about my family’s history.

In conclusion, I’ve learned many different things from this project. I learned that I am strong in certain areas, and there are also areas that need work. I now know what I need to work on and I hope I can take what I’ve learned and applied it to future projects.