Hey guys, this is my fourth weekly reflection on what we’re doing in maker this week. This week, we’re trying the first episode of our podcast. This means that we have to finish up all the recording for our podcast, the editing for our podcast, and the mixing for our podcast.

This week, we focused a lot on editing and mixing. When I heard the term mixing, I was confused. I thought that editing and mixing were more or less the same things. In class, I learned that they are very different and are a very important step to creating a great podcast. In going to try to explain what I learned from the difference between editing and mixing.

Editing is all about collecting the different audio files such as narration, music, or interview clips. You want to roughly organize all of the clips that you’ve gathered to create a good structure for your podcast. Editing also includes cutting clips, finding music, and constructing all of the main sections of the podcast. Editing comes before mixing and is very important to have complete before moving on to the mixing stage.

Mixing is very different from editing. Mixing is the process of editing and arranging audio clips in a way that sounds seamless and natural to a listener. Mixing requires a lot of time and is usually the last thing you need to do when creating a professional podcast episode. You’ll have to listen to your podcast many times when mixing. When mixing, you looking for places you’re audio needs to be levelled, where you may need EQ, and places you want an audio fade.

Before learning about mixing and editing, I thought that they were the same thing. I thought that mixing was a part of editing and that the final thing you needed to do for a podcast was to edit it. I now have learned that they’re both very different. They’re both very important steps in the direction of making a good podcast. Editing is all about constructing and cutting the audio and mixing is all about the levels and effects that need to be put into the audio. Now that I’ve learned the difference between editing and mixing, I now understand the work that is needed in creating a great podcast episode.