Hey, it’s time for a new project meaning it’s time to start a weekly reflection. This project is going to be similar to our last one where we have to create a podcast episode surrounding a topic. For this project, that topic is going to be World War 2.

For this project, we’re trying to not only understand what happened in the war and its significant events and impacts but also what makes a good storyteller. The driving question for this project is How might we use stories to understand the cause and consequence of WWII? This means that for us to complete this project, we need to find and create a story revolving around world war 2.

My podcast is all about technology meaning for my podcast, I’m going to talk about the technology and media side of the war. For my interview, I’m going to interview my grandfather who grew up during the war. I’m going to ask him about what it was like growing up during the war and how the technology and media
around him affected him. I want to talk about the different world war 2 propaganda that he may have seen in news articles. I also want to talk about the different weapons and aircrafts such as tanks and fighter jets.

I’m hoping that I can get this interview complete by the end of next week.  Stay tuned for my next weekly reflection to find out my plan for creating a great world war 2 story!