Hey guys, welcome to my seventh weekly reflection. If you didn’t read last week’s weekly reflection we’ve started a new project. We’re looking at the historically significant events during world war 2 and trying to find stories for our podcast episode. Last week, we were looking into finding an interview for our podcast. I decided to interview my grandfather on his experiences growing up during world war 2.

It was pretty interesting hearing what he had to say. My grandfather talks about his childhood and what it was like living in Toronto during the war. He talked about how there were theatres down the street where you paid 25 cents and they would have news updates on the war. He also talked about how they had huge buildings as barracks for the soldiers. Something that he talked about that I had no idea about is something that he read from a book. He told me about how Germany was close to making an atomic bomb but Britain sent in people out of plains to bomb their power plants. Overall, the interview went great and it will work well for my podcast.

This week in school, we’ve been learning about the war and also researching for our podcast. We looked at a veteran storey from world war 2 that had a very interesting experience in the war. It taught me how life was like living in a German prison camp. Along with that, we started looking at research that could help us in making our podcast episodes. I looked into technology that came from world war 2. I learned that the microwave was an invention that came from world war 2! With this new knowledge and information that I’ve collected, I step closer in the direction of making a great podcast episode!