Hey guys, welcome to my fourth weekly reflections. If you haven’t read last week’s weekly reflection, I was creating the script for my new podcast episode. I was sorting through audio and creating voice lines for my podcast episode. This week, we’re coming close to the end of our project and are starting to wrap up our podcast episodes.

I already had my script and audio created meaning I could start with the creation of my podcast episode. The first thing I did was cut up all of my audio clips and organized them. I learned that you have to listen to your audio more than once. Maybe three or four times just to catch all of the audio that is too loud or doesn’t sound clear.

The next part after all of the editing was the mixing phase. This is where I focused mainly on the quality and levelling of the audio. I encounter many problems during the mixing phase. One thing I noticed from mixing was there was a lot of white noise. I found a way to solve this by using something called a noise gate. A noise gate is something that gets rid of the audio when it’s at a certain decibel level. Another thing I found from mixing was that some of the audio I had got louder at some points than others. Using the tool automation in a garage band, I found a way that I could easily lower the volume of the one audio clip.

After that was all done, that was the end of the podcast episode. I later had some revisions that I needed to fix but other than that my podcast was complete. This next week, we’re working up publishing our podcast online so the whole work can listen to them. Keep an eye out for the next weekly reflection if you want to hear my second podcast episode on the bandwidth podcast!