This whole unit was very fun (especially learning about the torture methods.) Starting off at the start of the project i knew nothing. I didn’t know what the crusades were and i didn’t even know a feudal system existed. I am quite proud of the work i created and i put lots of effort into it. I feel now that i know a solid chunk of stuff about the Middle Ages. Even though i know a lot about it now, sometimes it was quite confusing. For example merchants are placed just above peasants but they could be even more powerful than knights and nobles. And there were also multiple groups of people and things could be inter placed with each other.  It was also hard because during this project basically the entire school was hit with a sickness so everyone had to miss a couple of days. I think to grow on my learning abilities i can read through all of the information and watch all of the videos when i am sick or not at school. I think it will further my understanding of the stuff we are learning and the work we are doing. I really enjoyed this project and i can’t wait to do other stuff like this! Even though this project is done i can still continue to do my own learning about the crusades and Middle Ages