For this project we learned about matter and atoms. We started with a Who am I? Try and guess what i did based of the clues! 

We then learned about diffusion and how that works. We got to see it in real life with our gummy bear diffusion. For our experiment gabby and I tested to see if different compositions of the gummy changed the way it diffused. We put one regular gummy bear in room temp water, one sugar free gummy bear in room temp water, and one sour gummy bear in room temp water. We predicted that it would and we were right! Here are some of the photos




Then we got to code our own video game that had to do with matter or atoms. I created a game called water freeze. The goal is to jump through the cold air without freezing. Just like real water if it hits the snowy air it will freeze! Don’t freeze or the game is over! Hit the green flag to start again!

Click here for my game!