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Disney’s Cinderella 1950

Hi blog, do you know the story of Cinderella? You probably do as it’s a story that has been re-told over and over again. I’ve been learning about the years after the Second World War in class, so what does… Continue Reading →

Technology after WWII

Hello blog, I have a lot to catch you up on as I haven’t made a post in a while. While I was gone I gained some photography skills and learned some cool science stuff in other classes but now… Continue Reading →

Romeo & Juliet, a PLP Production

Hello blog. Considering that you are reading this post in the present, it would be appropriate to say that you are a modern audience. Now that we have established that, imagine logging into Zoom to watch a presentation of grade… Continue Reading →

Adaptation of an Adaptation of an Adaptation

Hi blog!! As I did a bit of research for this post, I realized how little I know about Shakespeare as a person, but also how little the internet knows. I briefly discussed this in my past podcast episodes when… Continue Reading →

What if Romeo & Juliet had Phones?

Hey blog. One of the things that has been on my mind this week is how sometimes in movies that have been created during a time iPhones are ubiquitous (look at me expanding my vocabulary and using words I’ve learned… Continue Reading →

Zombies, Gnomes, and Shakespeare

Hi Blog. Did you know that “Wherefore art thou Romeo” doesn’t mean “where is Romeo?” but rather “why is Romeo?”. Maybe you did, however I did not know that and originally planned to open this post with something kinda dumb… Continue Reading →


What can you learn from a story? Hi blog, today I am talking about what I’ve typed above. What do you know now that you have learned from a story? Probably a lot of things, because technically everything is a… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection

Hi blog, welcome back. This week started off strong with the opportunity to talk to a guest speaker from the National Museum of the Pacific War. Chris McDougal answered a handful of questions to help with the building knowledge or… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection

Now in the second week of “In their own words” my current project about the Second World War, the story I’m going to tell in a podcast episode is just becoming clear. At the very beginning of this week I… Continue Reading →

1st Week of Reflecting

Hello blog, as you know this is not my first weekly reflection, but it is the first week of a new project. I’ve been getting used to writing weekly reflections as I work on the “Greatest Canadian” project. This week… Continue Reading →

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